About Me

Katherine Donahue

Hi my name is Kati, I am a Mrs. to a wonderful Mr. and mother to handsome little boy and a beautiful little girl.
I have been crocheting for almost 20 years and have recently started writing patterns and love the idea of being able to share some of them for free.
Among my other loves is cooking, baking, reading and spending time outside.

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11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just stumbled upon your site while looking for a specific pattern. I love it! You have been favorited!

  2. Microfiliment (fishing line) in different weights can also give you stiffness in the hat brim. Really easy and cheap at like Walmart and such! Maybe easier to work with then weed Wacker string?

    • Yes, pretty much anything that is lightweight enough but still holds it shape would work wonderfully for the brim of the hat! Thanks for the suggestions!

    • If you go to my Crochet Patterns tab you will see a picture of the hat, simply click on it. and you will be taken to the pattern

  3. I loved the look of the Marie Louise Poncho pattern. I wanted to try broomstick lace. I watched the tutorial, and got as far as beginning to pull up the 80 loops, when I realized I’d never get all the loops on the one needle since I working in a circle. What did I miss?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • So (trust me on this) simply pull ALL of the loops off of the needle. Then place about 6 of the most recently pulled up loops and place them back on the needle. and continue to pull up the loops. The loops that are just hanging there will be fine (as long as you dont pull one out, I have never had an issue and I use this technique quite a bit)
      I really do need to do a video to show this technique.

  4. I’m looking at your work now and I would love to get post to see your patterns.

  5. I saw your crochet hat at Pinterest,and I would love to order & pay
    for one.
    I could’nt realized how..
    I’ll be glad if you can help me. thank you…

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