Broomstick Lace Crochet Tutorial

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This is a great Broomstick Lace in the Round tutorial, with lots of photos to help you along the way!

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My first attempts were done while using some belting bought at a local craft store.  This worked great, I was able to keep all my loops on and it allowed me to walk away from my project and now worry about losing any loops.  Down side was that I was dealing with a textured, ribbed belting and I was concerned about it causing my yarn to start to get fuzzy.

If you would like to view the Video for Broomstick Lace in a Round tutorial you can find it HERE

Broomstick Lace Tutorial

My second attempt included a size 50 knitting needle and 3 stitch markers.  I would work the circle as far as I could and then I would carefully take all the loops off the needle and put them in the stitch marker, keeping them secure.  Again, this was great as it allowed me to leave my work for sometime and not worry about loosing loops.  But, I had to be careful when I took the loops out of the stitch marker that a loop did not catch.

Broomstick Lace Tutorial

As they say ‘third times a charm’.  The following photos are a step by step process of how I now do my broomstick crochet.  I have not had any issues with loosing loops, as long as you are careful, take your time and pay attention to what you are doing; you should not have any issues either.  And as with any new stitch a bit of practice is recommended before starting a project.

Materials needed:
Yarn of choice
Crochet hook – I am using an H
Large crochet hook or knitting needle to place loops onto.  If you don’t have either of these than get creative!  Try using a turkey baster or a spoon handle.

In this tutorial I am working in the back loops only.

Starting with the joining slip stitch as my first loop
Broomstick Lace Tutorial

I am working from the Left back to the Right
Broomstick Lace Tutorial
Insert your hook from the front to the back of stitch
Broomstick Lace Tutorial
Draw up a loop and place it on the knitting needle
Broomstick Lace Tutorial
I have 13 loops on my needle and can not put any more on Broomstick Lace Tutorial
I took off all 13 loops and then placed the last 4 loops back on the needle, and continue working loops onto the needle until all the loops are pulled up.
Broomstick Lace Tutorial
Once you have pulled up all necessary loops, with yarn in the back of project insert hook into specified loops, in this case 3 loops
Broomstick Lace Tutorial

Pull up a loop Broomstick Lace Tutorial
Chain1 and work specified stitches in those loops, and join with a slip stitch in the first stitch to join the rows togetherBroomstick Lace Tutorial

 for the rest of the loops you will not need to Chain1, just do whatever stitches are directed in the pattern

A hat being made with fine/2 yarn.  You can see that I have completed some stitches while other loops are just hanging there.  broomstick lace tutorial

This is an original tutorial by KatiDCreations August 2014.  No written portion or photos of this may be used with out prior written permission.

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4 thoughts on “Broomstick Lace Crochet Tutorial

  1. This looks amazing! I’ll be trying this after the holidays!
    Thank you for such a clear tutorial.

  2. First time of doing this and this taught me clearly how!! Thank You as it is GREAT!!!

    • Thank you! It was my first stitch tutorial and I was hoping I did not skip a step. So glad it helped!

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