Broomstick Lace Fingerless Gloves – In Memory of Ron

Broomstick Lace Fingerlss Gloves
I would like to start this post a little different and share a Poem I titled ‘The Man’ that I wrote to go with this pattern.  Now I am not one to write poetry, simply ask my High School English teacher Mrs. Butler.  But after I had finished the pattern I felt that there needed to be something explaining my deep sorrow that I still experience from the loss of my friend.  And even though Mr. Schacher is gone, I know his memory lives on in us whose life’s were touched by him.  (This is your fair warning…you may want a tissue)

In Memory of Mr. Schachner.

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The Man and Kid

The Man who held Kid soon after birth. The Man who wiped away Kid’s tears. The Man who helped Kid learn how to swim. The Man who taught Kid how to ride a bike. The Man who watched Kid go down the bunny slope. The Man who played volleyball with Kid. The Man who pointed out (to the blind ref) when Kid was fouled. The Man who taught Kid how to drive. The Man who walked Kid to meet her husband. The Man who held his beautiful Grandchild. The Man who will be forever missed. The Man.

Kati –
Broomstick Lace Fingerless Gloves
I had long wanted to make a pair of gloves using the Broomstick Lace stitch.  Well, when I was asked to participate in an E-book to benefit ALS I knew I what I would make.

These beautiful gloves are made using Cascade Venezia Worsted yarn, which I find to be nice and durable and wont get fuzzy all fuzzy after a few wearings.

Skill Level: Intermediate
I highly recommend an good understanding of Broomstick Lace and Tunisian

There are multiple photos to help with stitch placement as well as multiple tutorial links if you are needing a bit of a refresher on some of the stitches.
Fingerless Gloves
Broomstick Lace
Tunisian/Simple Stitch
Back/Front Loop Single Crochet

Broomstick Lace Finerless Gloves

This glove is made with Caron Party

This pattern is available for purchase on Etsy or in my Raveraly Shop

I am currently running a sale in my Raverly shop for 50% off all patterns through 12/9 – 11:59pm – central time!  Coupon Code: InMemoryOf

Note: Coupon Code is subject to Change!  No refunds will be given.
Make sure to add Item to Cart, then apply Coupon Code (listed above)… NOT Buy Now

Or if you would like to help benefit the continuing research done with ALS you can buy this pattern and 22 others in an E-Book available on Raverly

Copyright KatiDCreations 2014.  Do not copy any part of the pattern or poem and republish.  You may use one photo and link back to the original post.  Please feel free to sell, gift or donate any items made from this pattern.  If you sell please give credit to KatiDCreations for the pattern.

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