Broomstick Lace Ornament

Broomstick Lace Ornament by KatiDCreations
As you can see pictured the paint appears to be pealing off from the inside of the ornament, they just don’t seem to last like the did when I was a kid.  I knew this year I was going to need to do some updating on my Christmas Ornaments.  But then knowing myself, I would not get them purchased until probably the ‘After Christmas Sale’ which would not served the current desired purpose.  So I decided I would ‘upgrade’ my ornaments with a little bit of beautiful crochet.Broomstick Lace Ornament by KatiDCreations

The only problem was how to cover it.  But then I knew.  I have been on a bit of a Broomstick Lace kick here recently and knew I had to figure out someway to make it work.  And as normal I thought about it for a few hours, may have lost a bit of sleep over it as I tried to work it out in my head.  Then finally I knew how it would be done. Broomstick Lace Ornament by KatiDCreations
The trick was figuring out how to manage to crochet around the ornament.  I knew it would have to be made into 2 separate pieces but the way to join them had me baffled, but just for a moment.  and then it came to me…. Ribbon.  Ribbon was the answer,  it is after all the ‘Duct Tape’ of the Crochet World.   Broomstick Lace Ornament by KatiDCreations
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Another idea is to try starching it so it can stand on its own…..Just an idea.

This is Copyright KatiDCreations 2014, All Rights Reserved.  You may not re post any part of this pattern or the pictures without prior written permission.

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5 thoughts on “Broomstick Lace Ornament

  1. Great idea and pattern – I’ve tried adding little paint-glue dots but this would be SO much nicer! Thank you.

    • Thanks! I thought about going the glue route, but then thought if the ornament broke the crochet work would be lost. This way I can always move it to another ornament if necessary.

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