Jessica’s Broomstick Lace Slouch Hat

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I first saw this beautiful Broomstick Lace Slouch hat  on Pintrest, so I followed the link in hopes of finding a pattern for this beautiful hat.  No dice.  Jessica had created this beautiful hat and like so many of us, did not write a pattern.  Sadly after searching her site it appears as if she has not posted anything since late 2010, hope she is doing well.
Broomstick Lace
I had been given some beautiful Cascade Venezia yarn and so I sat down with nothing but my yarn, hook and vague idea of how this hat would be accomplished.  (Did I mention that prior to this hat I had never attempted Broomstick Lace or even had an idea of how it was done)?!

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I had attempted several different ways to accomplish the hat ranging from using belting to knitting needle with stitch markers and finally settled with using just the knitting needle.  I get into this a little bit more below.
Broomstick Lace

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Broomstick Lace Crochet Hat

Material List:
Hook H
50 sized Knitting Needle or Belting measuring 3 inches
Stitch Markers – optional (3-4)

Yarn: I have worked this pattern using two different yarns
Cotton Fair Milti – Fine Yarn/2 – 5ply 52% cotton 48% acrylic
Cascade Venezia – Worsted 70% Merino Wool 30% Silk

8 stitches in 2 inches/ 4 rows in ½ inch

SS – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
Broomstick Lace
Broomstick Lace
This Pattern is intended for someone who is very comfortable with Broomstick Lace Crochet. This is not a tutorial for how to do Broomstick Lace. If you find you are having issues you can check out this Picture Tutorial by KatiDCreations or this Video Tutorial by KatiDCreations

*Note: When working the loops off the knitting needle you will insert hook into specified number of loops, and then remove the loops from the needle. The first set of each row you will CH1, for all other sets you will simply remove the loops from needle then go directly into the specified SC.

** If you find that you are short with the number of loops you need for the last broomstick it is not necessary to take it all out. Just make sure that you have the specified number of Broomsticks and SC.

There are different ways you could work taking the loops off.

  1. Use a belting (the stuff that you can make into belts) Pro – it’s very flexible you don’t have to worry about losing stitches. Con – I have never found a smooth belting (has always had a ribbed texture to it which will cause your thread to get a bit fuzzy
    Broomstick Lace
  2. Using a knitting needle or tubing of the correct size. Pro – its smooth so you don’t have to worry about it getting fuzzy. Con – they can’t be bent into a circle so you have to remove the loops from the needle/tubing.

If you chose to use option #2 for working off the loops you are faced with 2 additional options. A. Remove all the loops as needed, just let them hang there and then slide the most recent 4 or 5 loops back onto the needle. Repeat this process around. B. Repeat process (A) but instead of letting the loops hang there, place the loops in stitch markers to keep them safe (or if you have little children that might be interested in ‘helping ‘) and then as you work back to them you take them out of the stitch makers.Broomstick Lace

Finished size – 2year – 4 year/ about 17 inches in circumference
4years – Adult/ about 19 inches in circumference
There is about 2-3 inches of stretch to the finished hat

This hat is worked in a round; you will not turn after finishing the rows.

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 Broomstick LaceThis is an original pattern, design inspiration from Jessica.

Please do not distribute this pattern in any part or whole. Prior written permission is needed to use photos. You are more than welcome to donate, gift or sell any items made from this pattern. I ask that you sell the finished product that you credit me with the pattern.

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11 thoughts on “Jessica’s Broomstick Lace Slouch Hat

  1. Wondering how much of either yarn is needed for one hat? I might have missed it in the pattern?

  2. Thanks for the wonderful pattern!

    I’m confused about line 20. Should that be 5 sc in the loops for the adult size? I’m not getting 140 sc.

  3. Lovely lovely hat! I have always used the long stitch holders used in knitting to hold my extra loops. I prefer to work them off of the needle. Thanks for the free pattern! -Jenna

  4. I really like this hat – never have done anything with the broomstick stitch. This is excellant. Thank you for taking your time to do this.

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