Crochet Applique Flower


As the summer goes on we all have gotten into the routine of wearing that one pair of shorts that we love.  We love the way they fit, the way we look in them, everything about them is perfect.  Until the feared happens, a Hole!  Ahh! We cry out, knowing that the hole will only grow larger with each washing and wearing until we have to throw them away.

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That was the way the story ended, until now.  Now, there is another option; you can patch them.  Update them and give them a new cool look and dare I say it?, a splash of vintage!


Flower Patch

Read all directions prior to starting.

SS – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
Picot – Link on how to do the Picot can be found HERE

Hook size 7/1.5 mm
Aunt Lydias Crochet Thread size 10

Additional Materials for attaching Applique
Sewing machine
Sewing thread
Piece of material a little larger than size of hole to be patched

Special Stitches
Modified Triple: MTR – YO 2 times, insert in same as joining, pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), YO pull through 2, YO pull through 1, YO pull through 2, and YO pull through 2

Modified Picot: MPicot – CH1, SS in Picot space (counts as 2nd CH), CH1, SS in 3rd CH from hook,

  1. CH7, join with SS in first CH
  2. CH1, 12 SC in circle, join with SS in first SC
  3. *CH9, skip next SC, SS in next* repeat from *to* 4 more times, CH4, skip next stitch MTR in same as joining
  4. *CH5, ^^Picot, CH5, SS in next CH9 space* repeat from *to* around, Join with SS in first CH. Finish off

^^Joining is done while working the Applique:  You will follow 4. as written, when it comes time for joining you will do the MPicot for the all the picots where you join, then you will go back to the regular Picot.

Joining Flowers together in the MPicot:

PicMonkey Collage rochet

Continue to increase the number of flowers until you get the desired number wanted/needed for patch.

Special Note: I highly recommend working the ends into each Flower as you complete it. Otherwise you will end up with a lot of strings that can easily get in your way.

To block Applique:
Wet, squeeze out any extra water (do not twist as it will cause it to stretch).  Then reshape and lay flat on a hard surface between two towels to help absorb the moisture.  Place a heavy weight on top and press down.  I left the book on top for a few hours and then removed it and the towels to allow the Applique to finish drying.

For instructions on how to attach the Applique to the article of clothing lick HERE


This is an original design, you do not have permission to use photos.  Please provide a link back to the original post.
Published by KatiDCreations, July 2014


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