Crochet Military Inspired Hat – FREE Pattern!!

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This pattern was originally inspired by the Navy Dress Cap, however, you could easily change the colors and customize it for a police department!

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Military Hat For the FREE pattern for the Police Badge click HERE

This Military Inspired Hat is completely FREE, but…..

if you are feeling generous and would like to make a donation, just below is a link where you can make a donation to the Peyton Dempsey Fund.  I know their family would appreciate any and all donations!

Peyton is a brave little girl was born with a rare disease called MMIH.  There is no cure and most children don’t make it to their first birthday.  Peyton is now 3.  

Military Hat

Their is a bit of a story that goes with this hat so hang with me while I tell it.  It all started with a simple knee surgery just to see what was going on, nothing big; should be doing jumping jacks in a day or two.  Well, instead I ended up in a straight leg brace for 6 weeks.  Along with that I had to be strapped into a machine that bent my leg in and out …….for 6 hours a day!!!

Well this lead to a lot of free time to peruse online looking for a new crochet project.  Well, I came across this most beautifully done military style hat and contacted the seller asking her if she would consider selling me the pattern; as I had a Cousin in the Navy and they were expecting a little girl in a few months and just had to make that hat for them!!!  She informed me that the pattern was not for sale.

Well after a bit of pouting I grabbed my yarn and hook and decided that I would see what happened. During the process of making the hat I tried several different brands of yarn, first was Caron Simply Soft.  This did not work as it is such a soft yarn that it did not hold the shape well at all; also with the repeated ripping out the yarn got really fuzzy really fast. Finally, I settled with Loop and Tread Yarn.  This thread was soft and yet still durable enough that it endured the reworking of the pattern and still looked nice in the end.

Then there was the countless hours of crocheting and frogging trying to get it right.  Among the numerous issue was trying to keep the top from looking like a octagon, trying to keep the brim centered  and looking decent.  Finally, I think I have finished working and reworking this pattern.  For now.

So on with the pattern!!!

Loops and Thread Yarn
Hook – G, C
Stitch Marker
Embroidery Needle
Gold Metallic Embroidery Floss
Gold Buttons 
Finished Size – 3-6 months (about 16 1/2 inches)
Gauge –
17 HDC – 5 inches
8 rows – 3 inches 
Stitch Guide –
SS – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
RSC – Reducing Single Crochet
RBPSC – Reducing Back Post Single Crochet
RBPHDC – Reducing Back Post Half Double Crochet
BPHDC – Back Post Half Double Crochet
FPHDC – Front Post Half Double Crochet
Navy Dress Cap
Top of Hat:
Magic ring
1.      CH1, SC, 9HDC in magic ring
2.      2HDC in SC (place marker in first HDC), 2HDC in each around (20)
3.      2HDC in marked, 1HDC in next, *2HDC, 1HDC* repeat from *to* around (30)
4.      2HDC in marked, HDC in next 2 stitches, *2HDC, HDC in next 2 stitches* repeat from *to* around(40)
5.      2HDC in marked, HDC in next 4 stitches, *2HDC, HDC in next 4 stitches* repeat from *to* around (48)
6.      2HDC in marked, HDC in next 5 stitches, *2HDC, HDC in next 5 stitches* repeat from *to* around (56)
7.      2HDC in marked, HDC in next 6 stitches, *2HDC, HDC in next 6 stitches*repeat from *to* around (64)
8.      2HDC in marked, HDC in next 8 stitches, *2HDC, HDC in next 8 stitches* repeat from *to* around, HDC in last (71)
9.      2HDC in marked stitch, *HDC in next 9, 2HDC*, repeat from *to* 5 more times, HDC in next, SC in next 8, SS in last stitch and in marked stitch (78) Finish Off.


Underside of Hat:
3 – 6 months:

  1. CH1, RBPSC (use post of marked stitch and next) place marker in this stitch, *BPSC in next 9, RBPSC using next 2 stitches* repeat from *to* once more, BPHDC in next 9, *RBPHDC using next 2 stitches, BPHDC in next 9* repeat from *to* once more, *BPRSC using the next 2 stitches, BPSC in next 9* repeat from *to* once more, BPSC in last stitch (which is the first SS of row 2 in ‘Top of Hat’, join with SS to first BPRSC (71)
  2. CH1, RSC using marked stitch and next, SC in next 8, RSC, SC in next 9 stitches, HDC in next 30, SC in next 9 stitches, RSC using next 2 stitches, SC in next 9, join with SS to first RSC (68)
  3. CH1, RSC using marked stitch and next, SC in next 7, RSC, SC in next 10 stitches, HDC in next 27, SC in next 10 stitches, RSC using next 2 stitches, SC in next 8 (65)
  4. CH1, RSC using marked and next stitch, SC in next 6, RSC, SC in next 11 stitches, HDC in next 24, SC in next 11, RSC using next 2 stitches, SC in next 7 (62) ( should be 19 inches finished 12-24 months)
  5. CH1, SC in marked stitch and next 21, HDC in next 21, SC in next 20, SS in into marked stitch. (62)
  6. SS in each stitch around. Finish Off. BE CAREFUL THAT YOU KEEP YOUR YARN TENSION LOOSE!!!!
 Back Post Half Double Crochet
 Slip stitch in row 6 of ‘Under side of Hat’
Change Color
1.      Stitches are worked into row 5 of ‘Underside of Hat’. Join in front loop of marked stitch with CH1, FLHDC in marked stitch and next 20, HDC (using both loops of stitch) in next 21, FLHDC in next 21, SS in first FLHDC (62)
2.      CH1, HDC around, join with SS in first HDC. Finish Off
Front Loop Half Double Crochet
 Half Double Crochet using both loops
  1. Skip next 26 stitches starting where joining was. FPHDC in next, *2FPHDC in next stitch, FPHDC* repeat from *to* 2 more times, FPHDC in next 2 stitches, *2FPDC, FPDC* repeat from *to* 2 more times, CH2, TURN
  2. 2HDC in next, HDC in next 19, 2HDC in next, CH1, TURN
  3. SC in each stitch across, SS 2x down the side of the Brim. SC in next stitch and every stitch around to beginning of Brim
  4. SS 2x up side of the Brim, SS in each stitch across Brim, SS 2x down the side of the Brim, SS in each SC around. Finish off
Pink Band:

CH 32 (base row), HDC in 2nd CH from hook, HDC across, CH2, SS in first CH of base row.  Finish off, leaving a 6 inch tail to sew band to hat.  Center band and attach to hat using embroidery needle.  Attach gold buttons of choice.

If you are wanting to do the Gold Metallic, can be found in with the embroidery thread at larger yarn/fabric stores.

Using Hook size C

CH desired length, SC in 2nd CH from hook, SC across, CH1, Turn SC across. Continue until you have 3 or 4 rows. Finish off, leaving a 6 inch tail to sew band to hat.  Continue as listed for the Pink Band

PicMonkey Collage

Directions for making the Top of the hat stay nice and flat!  .

Using an old cereal box I trace a circle and cut it out.  Then I double check by fitting the cardboard form in the hat making sure that it is not to large, which would cause the hat to stretch and not look as good.

Cutting a whole in the cardboard form is really important for larger hats (but can be done for all sizes) as it allows room for the crown of the head.  I placed the lining like this to help keep a little slack in the material. I then use my hot glue gun to secure the material to the cardboard form.    
Trim off any extra material make sure that you don’t cut so much that the cardboard shows.  I then place the ‘ruff side’ up in the hat, carefully working it in making sure not to stretch the finished hat.

For the FREE Police Badge Pattern click HERE


If you do not crochet and would like to purchase a completed hat or would like a different size check out my Etsy Shop

This is an original pattern Published May 2014, You may use one photo and link back to the original post.  Do not repost the pattern in part or whole.  Please feel free to sell, gift or donate any items made from this pattern.
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82 thoughts on “Crochet Military Inspired Hat – FREE Pattern!!

  1. Hi, I’m kind of new to crochet… I want to make this for a newborn, I’m not to familiar with changing patterns. with Do you have a smaller pattern?

    Thank you
    Yami :o)

    • I do have a smaller sized pattern listed on my etsy shop. however if you are new to crochet I would suggest making this hat first prior to buying one, just to make sure you are not over your head with the directions. I would consider this an advanced beginners pattern.

  2. Hey Kati,

    Do you have a video tutorial of this Military hat. I am not too good at understanding the written patterns? I would love to give it a try.


    • Making video tutorials for this pattern is on my to-do list.

  3. Thank you for the reply. I’m still not understanding…where do the SC go? Am I supposed to fold over the brim and work it into the underside? So that Row 1 and 2 are sandwiched together?

    Maybe you could send me a picture? I’m just lost.

    • After you work the 2 Slip Stitches – you will work the next stitch in the next black stitch available to finish off the second row of the black band.

  4. Hi –

    Love this cute hat. A friend sent it along for me to make for her new little man. Everything was going along peachy until I got here:

    3. SC in each stitch across, SS 2x down the side of the Brim. SC in next stitch and every stitch around to beginning of Brim
    4. SS 2x up side of the Brim, SS in each stitch across Brim, SS 2x down the side of the Brim, SS in each SC around. Finish off

    I understand the SC (single crochet) in each stitch across – but I’m lost at the SS (slip stitch) two times down the side of the brim. How do I slip stitch down two times? Since I didn’t know how to do that, I have no idea how I’m then supposed to single crochet in next stitch and each stitch across.

    I did manage to do the first part…but now I’m stuck on the SS two times.

    Can you help?


    • You work a Slip Stitch into the end of the rows working your way back down the Brim so you can continue working your SC around. I use this method instead of working SC down the side of the Brim.

  5. Hi!
    I am just finishing making this for my new grandson, his dad is a LT in the Coast Guard.
    What is the pattern for the circular piece behind the hat device?
    We are visiting with my son, daughter-in-law and two week old grandson, when both my son and daughter-in-law saw the cover they were thrilled. Thanks so much!

    • im not sure what circular piece you are referring to.

    • Hi Mary Ellen,

      Here is what I did to make a semi-oval shape behind the cap device/pin:

      Row 1: make a magic circle, chain 3. 5 dc in center of ring.
      Row 2: ch 3 (counts as first dc), turn. 2 dc in ea of the next 2 dc. 2 tc in ea of the next 2 dc. 2 dc in ea of the next 2 dc. (12 dc in this row)
      Row 3: ch 3 (counts as first dc), turn, 2 dc in next dc. dc, 2 dc in next dc. tc, 2 tc in next tc. tc, 2 tc in next tc. dc, 2 dc in next dc. dc, 2 dc in next dc. (18 dc in this row)
      Finish off, leave a long tail to sew to front of hat.

  6. Thank you for sharing the Marine hat Pattern.. I’m making my niece one for her little baby boy soon to be born in July.

  7. In the Brim portion, row 1, are the front post stitches purposely supposed to be FPHDC for the first segment, then FPDC in the last segment as listed? Or are they all supposed to be FPHDC? I’ve made this before, but I can’t remember if this was a typo or intentionally different. Thanks!

  8. Love your FREE pattern, NOW how do you print it out???? No where do I see “printer friendly.” I have the download that it call for, but Can’t Get It To Print OUT???? Thanks.

  9. I love your pattern! Thank you so much for sharing! I was wondering where you got your chief pin for the hat? thanks again!

    • My Aunt got it for me from a Military Surplus Store that is local to her. And thanks! It is a pattern I am quite proud of!

    • I do have an adult size but it is still out with the testers. Hopefully it will be ready soon. Thanks for telling me about the link, it should be fixed now.

  10. Hi. I love this pattern. My son-by-law is in the Navy. I have a question- in one picture you have the hat on an adults head so it looks larger to me than a 3-6 mth old size. I have a 2 yr old grandson who would love this. Do you think it would fit him? I was also wondering if using an ‘I’ size hook would make it a size that would fit him if the original pattern didn’t.

    • Your more than welcome to try using the I hook with the 3-6 month size pattern, I dont know if it will increase enough in size to fit a 2 year old’s head.

  11. Love this pattern! However I need the pattern for 0-3 months. I saw the link you posted to your etsy shop and found the 0-3 month size pattern. I’m just a little confused though because in the description it says it’s a free pattern but below that it says it’s $4.50. Am I looking in the right place? Thanks!

    • The free pattern is the one on the blog. There are details about the free pattern in Item Details…which just directs you to my blog for the 3-6 months

    • One of these day’s I might. However right now I am not set up to do video tutorials.

    • Is there something I could help you with? I might be able to direct you to an existing tutorial that could help

      • Please help. Just started crocheting again after 20 some odd years of not doing it. How do I skip 26 stitches in this hat? My daughter bought me the size 1-2 pattern in your Etsy shop and I cannot figure this out to make the hat look right. Thank you and much appreciate your help.

        • I believe you are talking about the Brim part of the hat? You will need to finish off, and then count from the first stitch of the row around and you will start working again in the 27th stitch. Hopefully you found this helpful!

          • I found your advice very helpful, thank you. I just finished making a police officer hat and it came out wonderful. Thanks so much for this pattern.❤️

  12. I was in the Navy myself and this hat looks really close to authentic! You really did a great job with the pattern. I think the only difference between your hat and one worn in the Navy is the materials they are made of.

    • Thank you! I really tried hard, wanting to show my respect and appreciation that I have for those who gave it all.

  13. I looked all over your Etsy page for the instructions for a larger hat and cannot find it. I see the materials list and the stitch descriptions but not the instructions. Am I missing it somewhere? Thanks!

    • I am selling larger sized hats on etsy. There will not be directions for additional sizes there.

  14. Hello,
    what does the 2x mean?
    3.SC in each stitch across, SS 2x down the side of the Brim. SC in next stitch and every stitch around to beginning of Brim
    thank you

  15. Hello! I have completed the “top of the hat” in the 1-2 year old size. To being the “Underside of Hat,” which side of the top should be facing me, the right side or the wrong side? Thank you for the clarification!

    • The right side is facing you while working the ‘Underside’ of the hat. As far as any additional questions, if you could message me with the question via the website the pattern was purchased from.

  16. Hi I love this patteren and I want to make for a friend but she needs 18 mos. Is there any tips and how many stitches to increase? And everytime i go to the link with the larger sizes it doesnt give me a pattern .

  17. Hey! Love this pattern! Thank you for sharing! I’m fairly new to crocheting & reading patterns, so I just wanted to make sure I’m doing this right. I’m on the last step for the top of the hat. I did the 2hdc, then the 9 hdc, & you repeat that 5 times. But by doing that, it increases the stitch count, so I’m above the 78 stitch count that it says we’re supposed to have. Sorry if I sound totally stupid, like I said, fairly new to this. Lol

    • The number of stitches is very important. You may need to take a few row out (I know we all hate doing it). But the rest of the pattern wont work out if you have a greater number than 78 stitches for row 9

  18. Hi Katie,
    this is a great pattern… do you have it also for adults?
    I’d love to make one of this for myself!

    • I do have a pattern for an adult, I need to do some double checking on it before I make it available

  19. I think you have a “typo”… or rather, an omission in the paragraph near the bottom of the page.

    This is the section I’m referring to: “If you would like to post about this hat/pattern please do, but provide a link back to the original page for the pattern. Please do re-post any of my photos. Any profit made from the selling of this pattern is stealing.”

    I believe you meant to say “Please do NOT re-post any of my photos.”

    You may want to fix that… ;D

  20. I love this hat but need to make one in an adult size for a friend. Could u help me with the adjustments? Thanks for sharing this pattern also.

    • I have an adult size ready, just need to test a bit more. Hope to have it listed on my etsy shop this week.

  21. Hi katie could you please let me use one pic for my own use i like to compare pics my hubby is in navy and would really like to make this for grandson .i love your patterns .Thanks sandy

  22. Good morning I want to thank you for such a wonderful pattern. You are too generous! When I click on the Police Badge Pattern it goes to a Error window and will not open. Either way THANK YOU!


  23. As a wife of a retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, I love your Military Officer hat!!! I plan on making it and using his original pins on it and display in the house. Thanks so much!

  24. Hi Katherine, I am making this hat and a diaper cover for a girl I work with who is expecting n Nov. Her husband was in the marines. I am on round 4 and my stitch count comes out to 44 can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

    • Im sorry your having issues with the number of stitches. Just some simple checks to do are 1. are you placing your stitch marker in the first of the 2HDC at the beginning of each new row. 2. Did you end with the correct # of stitches at the end of row 3.
      I hope this is helpful or you figure out what the problem is soon. As much as we hate to do it, sometimes the best thing to do is take it out to the beginning and start over again.

  25. Hi Katherine. Just want to say Thank you!!! This is a great Pattern. Is really nice you share this with us. You did an awesome work.

  26. Thank you so much for this pattern! I am going to make it in khaki & black and send it to my Father to put my Grandfather’s Chief’s anchor on. It’s just perfect, right down to the “silk” lining! Thank you so much!!

  27. Hi I love ur hat can u please send me a Crochet Military hat Pattern!!

  28. I’m sure boys appreciate this hat! thank you also for going the extra mile and showing how to make the perfect form with cardboards

    • Thank you! I take pride in my work and knew that I wanted the people enjoying this pattern to have the same success and outcome that they saw pictured. There is few things more frustrating as a crocheter than making the pattern and not having it look like the photo.

  29. Thanks, may I ask what type of yarn you have used and what thickness? Or what brand yarn? I tried it with acrylic yarn but my finished hat came around 6 and half inches only 🙁

    • I used Loops and Threads – Impeccable 100 percent acrylic

    • I used Loops and Thread 100 percent acrylic. If it continues to come out small you might want to check the gauge and possible use a larger size hook

  30. Hi, thanks for your lovely pattern, I got a question on where you mentioned. RSC – Reducing Single Crochet
    RBPSC – Reducing Back Post Single Crochet
    Do you mean by reducing a decrease? So I have to decrease a sc in the stitch? Also do I have to decrease sc in the back post where you say RBPSC?

    Kindly advice

    Awaiting your reply

    • Reducing is the term I use for decrease, it can also be written crochet 2together. So you will crochet 2 stitches together (or reduce) to help decrease the circumference of the hat. Yes you will want to do a decrease for the RPBSC.

  31. Hi
    Row 6 of underside of hat, should this be SS in each stitch around, not SC?
    Looks like a SS on the photos, I’m finding it impossible to work into Row 5 when it’s SC, and your advice to stitch loosely suggests it should be SS.
    I’m going with SS for now so I can continue :0)
    Loving this BTW!

    • Yes you are correct is is a SS not a SC. I have corrected the pattern, than you for bring this to my attention!
      Glad you are loving it!

  32. Hi Kati, I shared your link on my FB page today and I have had a few questions about where one might be able to puchase the buttons/badges used for your design? If you have time to let me know so I can get back to them, I’d appreciate it 🙂
    Rhondda (Oombawka Design)

    • The buttons on the side are generic gold buttons that can be purchased from any yarn/fabric store, just chose a size that looked proportionate to the hat. My Aunt purchased the military pin was from a Military Surplus store. Thanks for the share!

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