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Lovely Marie - Crochet Doll

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After completing the doll I was wondering how to do the yarn for her hair.  I knew I did not want to take the time to put hair around each post, it just seemed that there would be so much and possibly difficult to style.  Plus knowing myself, I would obsess over getting the hair line even. So after a bit of thinking I figured why not do a ‘Hair Cap’?  I could use the color I wanted for hair, crochet following the ‘Head’ directions in the next sized hook and then sew it to the head.  That would eliminate the need to put so much yarn on her head in the attempt to cover the Head color.  So that is what I did.
Crochet Hair
After making the ‘Hair Cap’ I simply put it on the ‘Head’ and moved it until I was happy with the placement, and then stitched it on.

Hook F
Embroidery Needle
Stitch Marker

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Hair Cap
Magic Circle

Row 1:CH1, work 7SC in circle

Row2: 2SC in each stitch around (14SC)

Row 3: *2SC, 1SC*, repeat from *to* around to marked stitch (21SC)

Row 4: *2SC, SC in next 2 stitches*, repeat from *to* around to marked stitch (28SC)

Row 5: *2SC, SC in next 3 stitches*, repeat from *to* around to marked stitch (35SC)

Row 6: *2SC, SC in next 11 stitches*, repeat from *to* once more, 2SC in next, SC in last 10 stitches (38SC)

Row 7: SC in each stitch around to marked stitch

Row 8: SC in each stitch around to marked stitch

Row 9: *DSC, SC in next 11*, repeat from *to* once more, SC in last 10 stitches (35SC)

Row 10: SC in each stitch around to marked stitch, Join with SLST in marked SC. Finish off, leaving long tail to sew

Fit hair cap onto head of doll. Cap should fit snug, stitch the Hair Cap onto the Head.  Cut strands of yarn for the hair about 14 inches long, fold it in half and follow the picture tutorial below for attaching hair to doll.

Put hook in last row of stitches all the way around and pull through the hairCrochet Hair
Crochet Hair
Lovely Marie
Crochet Hair
Then working in the very next available row on the ‘Head’ work loops around the post stitches.  I was not happy with the look after I had gone around the ‘Hair Cap’ so I decided that I needed to go around the first available row of the ‘Head’ to get a finished look…Love the way she turned out.  Crochet Hair
This is what the seam between the two rows of hair will look like
Crochet Hair
For styling the ‘Hair’ I simply pulled it back into a pony tail.
Crochet Hair
Copyright KatiDCreations, November, 2014.  This is an original pattern.  Please do not copy any part of the written pattern or photos and claim them as your own, or reproduce on another website.  You may use the first photo and link back to the original pattern.  Please feel free to sell, gift or donate any thing made form the pattern.

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