Jacket + Blanket = Janket!

As winter comes we find ourselves wearing more and more layers. I really wanted to make something that had multiple uses, and so was born the Janket! 
Indoor Jacket

For this project I used Bernat Blanket, this is such a soft, heavy yarn that you will never what to take the Janket off!  I had originally thought about sewing up the sleeve but then it is limited to a single purpose.  So I got to thinking, why not use buttons instead?  That way I could wear it around the house but then unbutton it for evenings on the couch!  (It was like a light bulb went off when this thought process occurred! Yes I know I’m silly 🙂
The places you could wear this are endless!
Indoor Jacket

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Skill Level: Beginner

Hook size N
Bernat Blanket – Super Bulky/6 – I used 3 full skeins
Embroidery Needle
4 Large Buttons
Indoor Jacket

Finished Size – 50 x 36 approximate

CH – Chain
DC – Double Crochet


Loosely CH87

Row 1: DC in 4th CH from hook and in each stitch across (84DC)

Row 2: CH3, Turn, DC in each stitch across.  Repeat row 2 until desired length is reached, Finish off.


For those who needed a bit more of a visual on how the buttons were applied. Remember you can always add more buttons if you like. Simply push the buttons between 2 stitches to close.

For attaching buttons:
Fold blanket in half so starting chain edge and the last row edge meet.  Place 2 buttons on each of the short sides towards meeting edges and attach with leftover yarn from Janket.  Then you simply work the buttons in between the DC stitches on the matching short side.  No need to add a chained loop!
Indoor Jacket

Copyright KatiDCreations 2014.  All Rights Reserved.  Do not repost this pattern in part or whole or any photos.  Please feel free to sell, gift or donate any projects made from this pattern.  You may use one photo and link back to the original post.

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50 thoughts on “Jacket + Blanket = Janket!

  1. I’ve been looking a shawl pattern and I just found it!!! Can’t wait to get the store for yarn.

  2. I know I’m being an idiot, I’ve made the blanket (love the pattern and the wool) but I cannot for the life of me work out where to put the buttons – even with all your pics/instructions. Can anyone who speaks idiot help me out please?

    Thank you!

    • Fold the blanket in 1/2 so you have a long thin rectangle. Then place 2 buttons on each of the short ends and stitch where desired. You will then fold the blanket with the buttons on the inside (still creating a long thin rectangle) simply push the buttons between the stitches to form the sleeves. Hope this helps!

  3. I just finished mine. I’m looking forward to wearing it when it gets cool again. What I did with buttons was I put one on each corner on the long side, but then, because I made it wide enough to cover me in the front, I put three buttons on the short side. One is fairly close to the neck & the other two are on the bottom half. it’s almost more like a coat!

  4. Are the directions the same for plus size? Love the pattern. Thanks!

    • You can easily make the size fit you as you like, I made the base chain long enough that it reached about wrist to wrist, and then widened it so fit high on my neck to upper bottom. If you want yours longer/shorter simply increase/decrease the number of base chains/number of rows

  5. Did you use double thread? Or just single? Because you mention six steins and used only three. Why purchase six if you use only three?

    • The weight of the yarn was Super Bulky/6. I used 3 skeins of that, if you dont have that weight of yarn you could use a doubled strand to get a similar affect.

  6. That’s great, thanks – can’t believe it only takes 3 skeins, bargain!

  7. Love this pattern and want to make it for a friend. I’m in the UK and might not be able to get the same wool – could you tell me how many grams/oz there were in each of your skeins please? Thanks!

    • there are 300grams in each skein. I used 3 skeins in total

  8. Really cute and functional! I’m going to try putting 3 skeins together and see how that works! I’m a long way from a yarn store, and this will help me use some of what I already have!

  9. Good Morning Kat, I hope this is finding you well.. thank you so much for sharing your creation….. your pattern is perfect for others like myself that have difficulty reading written instructions.. doesn’t get any easier than this! I am definitely making this pattern this week.

    Do you have any patterns that are more intermediate or advanced with diagrams?

    • So glad you like the pattern! I am actually getting ready to add my first graph pattern that is more advanced.

  10. I love this. I will be making a couple of these before next Winter. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  11. You say you used 3 skeins but did not give the yarn size Is 6 correct.or how many oz. in a skein to achieve the 36x 50. I have seen and thought about how to do this but always need a pattern and info as I am very limited on funds. THANKS YOU VERY MUCH for sharing this.

  12. Kati, you are a genius! This is just what I was looking for to stay warm around the house and cuddle up with while watching tv in the winter. Now I can turn down the thermostat and not freeze!! You should get an award for your creation!! Thank you!!

  13. If any of you are not sure where you want the buttons, or are now happy with permanent buttons, try this….
    Use a button large enough to fit in between the DCs and sew it to one the same size or bigger with just a bit of space between. These you can place in different spots until you find the combo you want. Or you can remove them when not needed. They also become a great help in securing the wrap for storing.

  14. For Kim and others wanting to learn how to crochet, I had no luck learning from others. I found a U Tube video basic easy learning and just replayed and replayed step by step and I’m finishing a scarf (sc). Next is a trip to Michaels for yarn for this great janket. I hope to find a multi color with a bit of bling… Katherine, any ideas??
    You’re a dream and thank you for support that I can do this!!!

    • Michaels has several different color combinations (in this specific brand) but did not remember seeing any with ‘bling’. You could always buy some large jewels and thread them onto the yarn before you start working the pattern.

  15. I love it! I always making things for other people, now I will have something made for me to wear and use as a blanket on those cold winter nights.

  16. Thank you so much for posting such a cute and very useful pattern for free. My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet years ago but I wasn’t that interested at the time. Now years later, I am trying to learn it. I only wish she was still here to crochet with me.

  17. I just love your pattern. I am always freezing even in summer. I have a husband who has to drive with the windows open in winter & air conditioner on in the summer so it’s important I have blankets with me at all the time, but I need ones I can wrap up in as well as be able to cover up with while we travel. I also have to have ones that don’t take up a lot of space for packing. This is just what I need!
    I just ordered my yarn and cant wait to start crocheting. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.

  18. Love this is a must for traveling fills in the void of not wanting a heavy jacket but something to keep the shoulders warm. Love the design now its off to my yarn stash depot or to the store one must have one of these hum maybe a few friends could use one too. Probably the LYS first then the craft yes your design has merit. Thanks for sharing your great concept. Happy Holiday’s.

  19. I laughed…..and then I laughed some more. Our brains must operate on the same wavelength! I’m just finishing up a serape for my six foot tall son who has a six foot “wingspan”. I wanted it to come almost to his knees and slightly past his wrists. That’s a lot of serape! I got about halfway through it and inspiration struck! Why not add a collar (I know. Serapes don’t have collars. Mine does.) that folds over and buttons so it can be used as a blanket as well. I felt like a genius! Lol! So, from one genius to another………Merry Christmas!

    • I made the same thing as you in ’92. I had made several blankets and I wished I had something I could wear as a housecoat. So I made one with a ‘T’ shaped slit in it and a collar that would lay down my back to add an extra layer ( back breeze factor where i sat) Then added 2 buttons to close it so it could still be used as a blanket. Added a couple of slip through ties to close it when wearing it and whalah!

      • Would you happen to have the pattern for the one you made. That you can wear as a house coat, robe. ? And would you be willing to share the pattern ? I really like the idea of a house coat, robe. I am always cold. And needing to wrap up to stay warm.

        • The pattern is listed for the photo shown, simply CH desired length, and then work DC back and forth until you get the size you are wanting. Attach the buttons and away you go!

  20. When I saw this I literally smacked my forehead with the heel of my hand and thought, Duh, why didn’t I think of this? I’ve made dozens of afghans, shawls, and ponchos (but who’s counting?) in my 65 years, but never put these two ideas together quite like this. Brilliant! This will be my first project of the new year. Actually, I think I have time to make myself one for Christmas. Thanks!

  21. I love this, but I just don’t get the buttons and what you mean. Do you mean you fold it in half like you said and put the 2 buttons on each open side?

    • Your blanket will be a rectangle when finished. If you lay it flat on the floor and ‘cut’ it in half long ways you will put two button on both of the short ends.

      • I’m sorry, feeling kinda dumb, but I am also confused at how the buttons will work. Are you able to post any additional pictures that may help?

        • I added a few more photos that should help (I sadly no longer have the actual project in my possession, but I think It gets the point across)

      • But where do you put them on the end? One on each side? On the edge? Help. Also, lets say it is 5 feet long and 4 feet wide, you fold it to be 5 feet long and only 2 feet wide, right? Do the buttons go in the corners? Why 2? I sure wish I could see a picture of the one you made laid out with the buttons on. I really want to make this. I love it.

        • I have added a photo showing where the buttons are placed. Hopefully you find it very helpful!

  22. Just learning. Do you think I can handle this with some expert help?? Any tips welcome. I’ve looked for this style all over and you did it!!! Thank you.

    • Its a perfect pattern for a beginner! It starts with a base chain (CH) and then the rest is double crochet (DC)

  23. I have been looking for an easy wrap, blanket shawl, whatever and this is it! I was delighted to see it this morning on Fiber Flux. My next trip to the yarn store is to get enough bulky to make this. Any tips? Thanks so much for a great pattern. I will follow you. Happy Holidays!

    • My only tip would be to make sure you get buttons that are small enough to pass between the stitches, but large enough that it wont come unbuttoned on its own.

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