These wraps have been on my toes 2 weeks at time of photo

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I think it is safe to say that most of us love having our finger and toe nails looking nice.  So we take our time prepping our nails, we apply a base coat, two coats of color and a clear top coat to protect our nails.  Okay, so think about that.  How long does it really take you to do your nails, including decent drying time?  Not to mention if you have to start over on one or more nails because heaven forbid, you smudge or your kids need something.  You know what I’m talking about.

Now imagine a product where you don’t have to worry about any of that!  There is no drying time!  Lasts for up to 6 weeks on your toes and up to 2 weeks on your fingers!  No chipping!  No smudging!  If you need to stop and do something you can, and not worry about damaging the nails.  Oh and no horrible smelling nail remover!!!!

What is this wonderful product?  JAMBERRY!!!  There are over 300 different designs and if you cant find exactly what you are looking for you can create your own!!

http://www.beautifulfeet.jamberrynails.net/  – Link to website where you can view the large selection, (they even have a line called Juniors for girls 2 – 8 years of age)

https://www.facebook.com/traciedouglasjams  – Link to a consultant who can answer any questions you may have!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaykpuMe53w  – Link to video on how to apply/remove nail wraps!


These wraps have been on my toes 5 weeks at time of photo

So what does this product look like?  Below is a sheet that has been used just once for a toe application.  As you can see I can get several more applications from this sheet.

This is after one application to my toes

This is after one application to my toes, I messed up on my large toe and needed to try again with a new wrap

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