Joining Circle – Not in the Base Chain

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I really dread the frustration that comes, when after joining my long chain and working the first round of stitches only to realize that I have twisted the chain.  Which means I now have to frog it (rib-it rib-it – the sound a frog makes) and try again.

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Well after one of those said frustrating times I decided to try something new!  Instead of joining and then working in each chain around why not work an extra chain (or however many is needed for the stitches being worked in the first row) and then work back across the row of chains and then join in the first stitch I made.  Then to close the base chain, simply loop the tail through both loops (from front to back of your work) of the ch that the first stitch is worked in and then into the back loop of the chain the last stitch was worked in.

By working the first row of stitches and then joining I no longer have to worry about if my chain is twisted or making sure that I crocheted in all the necessary chains!

I find that this tip is a huge time saver and hope that you do as well.

Try it out with your favorite cowl pattern or try this one!
Peaks and Valley Cluster Drop Stitch

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15 thoughts on “Joining Circle – Not in the Base Chain

  1. I don’t know what the problem is but the was no volume at all on the tutorial.
    Would like to have had verbal instructions also.

    • I not sure what would be causing that. It is working fine on my end and I have not had anyone else mention the lack of sound I also have it listed on youtube

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I have been fighting with a poncho “start” and this will really help. I like all of your tutorials ♥♥ Still need practice with “standing” DC. I will keep viewing until I get it to turn out as nice as yours 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to try this lovely hat for my little granddaughter, thanks for sharing <3

  4. like every great idea, born out of frustration with having to rip, rip .rip when something goes awry! This is so simple, so easy, so wonderful!!!!!!

    Thanks so much

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I love the look of it and the ease of doing it!

  6. Thanks for the video! I use this method to join all the time, although I never really paid attention to where I put my stitches to connect them together on the first chain, so this is very helpful in understanding where I should connect for an even cleaner look.

  7. What a great tip!! I’m all for quick and easy ways to make my projects work up faster. Thank you!! You’re awesome!!

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