Lacy Flower Granny Square – FREE Pattern

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I really enjoy Granny Squares.  They are so lovely and there are limitless options that they can be used for.  A scarf, table runner, afghan….and it is so easy to customize the colors to your own liking.  The Water Lily Granny Square is the first granny square of my own creation.


Hook I
Worsted size 4 – I used Loops and Thread Impeccable
I used 3 different colors but you can always change colors what best fits your style.

Stitch Guide:
SS – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double crochet
DC – Double Crochet
TR – Triple Crochet – has a great tutorial that can be found HERE
Picot – has a great tutorial that can be found HERE (either of the options will work, I used the second one)

Special Stitches: |
MTR – Modified Triple Crochet – Yo 2x, insert hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2loops, YO, pull through 2loops, YO pull through 1loop, YO pull through last 2 loop

Note: The pattern is written for this photo (below), and has been slightly modified (3/2015) from the original post seen in the other photos.Lacy Granny Square - KatiDCreations
Finished size: about 9 1/4 inches square


  1. CH5, Join with SS to first CH
  2. CH1, 12SC in ring, join with SS in first SC
  3. CH3,* skip 1 SC, SS in next, CH3*, repeat from *to* 5 more times, join with SS in first SS
  4. *SS in next CH3 space, CH1, HDC, 2DC, HDC, CH1, SS in same CH3 space*, repeat from *to* 5 more times, join with SS in first SS. Finish off
  5. With new color, join with SS in any skipped SC from row 3, *CH11, SS in next skipped SC from row 3*, repeat from *to* 4 more times, CH4, MTR in same stitch as first SS of this row
  6. *CH9, SS in next CH11 space*, repeat from *to* 4 more times, CH5, MTR into top of MTR from row 5
  7. CH1, SC in last CH5, TR space, CH9,* SC in next CH9 space, CH9*, repeat from *to* 4 more times, join with SS in first SC
  8. CH1, SC in same as joining, work 11 SC in CH9 space, *SC in next SC, work 11 SC in next CH9 space*, repeat from *to* 4 more times, join with SS in first SC (72 SC)
  9. CH2 (counts as first DC), CH2, Picot, CH2, DC in same as joining, skip next 2 stitches,*( DC, CH2, Picot, CH2, DC) in same stitch, skip next 2 stitches*, repeat from *to* around, SS in first DC (24Picots)
  10. SS up the side of the CH2, and once in the Picot, CH3 (counts as first DC and CH1), (HDC, CH1, DC,) all in the same Picot, *(DC, CH1, HDC, CH1, DC) all in next Picot*, repeat from *to* around, join with SS in first DC.  Finish off
  11. With new color, you will work in the space only between each of the last and first DC of row 10. Join in first space with SS, CH1, HDC in same space, CH4, DC in the next space, CH6, TR in next, CH6, DC in next, CH4, HDC in next, CH3, *SC, CH3, HDC, CH4, DC, CH6, TR, CH6, DC, CH4, HDC, CH3*, repeat from *to* around, join with SS in first HDC. Finish off


This is an original pattern, written permission is needed to use any photos.  Do not re-copy the directions, but provide a link back to this blog.

Published by August 2014

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