Miners Star Vest

This super cute and fun Miners Star Vest is so quick and fun to make!  Its perfect to wear on those days you want a little extra warmth, whether you are inside or outside!

Although this Miners Star Vest is not written up in multiple sizes, it is an easy pattern where you can make a larger size by simply increasing your beginning number of Standing Single crochet stitches.

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By changing color of yarn you could easily make this for a boy/man in your life.

Miners Star Vest

Please read through this entire pattern as it is written a bit different than your typical patterns.

Red Heart Hopscotch Yarn, Bicycle – 2 skeins (amount needed for 6T)


The gauge for this pattern is not important

CH – Chain
YO – Yarn Over
st(s) – stitch(es)
sl st – slip stitch

Special Stitches:
Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) – Tutorial found HERE by Moogly Blog
Star Stitch or Marguerite Stitch – Tutorial found HERE by Moogly Blog

– As stated earlier, this pattern will give you general guidance on how to create this Miners Star Vest
– This pattern is worked from the bottom to the top
– You will not turn your work until you start working the arm opening on the sides
– If you are not familiar with working the Star Stitch be sure try working up a swatch prior to beginning this pattern
– Be careful you don’t drop stitches when you work the Arm Openings
– You will repeat row A2 until you reach the total height needed to cover the torso.  If you are a larger busted lady you will probably want to work additional repeats for the front panel of the vest (both panels are the same so simple designate which side you want to be the front panel)
– You could also make the cowl taller if you prefer by simply adding additional rows

Miners Star Vest

Work FSC in multiples of 2 +1, CH4, be sure it is long enough to go around your shoulders.

R1. Pull up a loop in the 2nd CH from hook, do the same for the 3rd and 4th CH from hook (4 loops on hook). Pull up a loop in each of the next 2 FSC sts giving you 6 loops on your hook. YO and pull through all 6 loops, CH1.  Continue working Star sts across the row of FSC.  When you get to the end of the row of FSC you should have 1 remaining unworked FSC st.  You will work your Star st as normal with your 6th loop being pulled up in the first worked FSC.  The 6th loop pulled up will join your row creating a circle.  Join with sl st in the top of the first Star st.

R2. Do not turn. CH3, Continue working the Star st across the round.  Remember the last loop you will pull up will be the top of the first Star st worked from the previous row

Repeat R2 until you get the desired height.

To create the arm opening you will start with your first Star st and count around to get the total number of sts.  Then you will find the half way point around your row and put a st marker in it.  If you have an uneven number of sts that is fine and is no need to start over.

Arm Opening

A1. CH3, work Star sts across to  your st marker.

A2. Turn, CH3, work Star sts across.

Repeat A2 until desired length is reached for the torso. Finish off. Leaving a tail so you can

Join in the last st worked from the first row of A1, CH3, work Star st across the row.  The last Star st worked will pull up its 6th loop in the same st as joined in from the last repeat of R2.

Turn CH3, Continue to repeat A2 until desired length is reached. Do Not Finish off.


Determine how large of an opening you need for your head to fit through and place a st markers in the 4 sts.  Make sure you have the same number of sts that will be left unworked on each side of the opening.

Turn your work so it is inside out and place edges together, sl st across to first st marker. Turn work so the right side is out.  CH3 and work the Star st across to your next st marker,  Continue working the Star st around. If you are short a stitch don’t worry, Its ok to work the Star st missing a loop or 2.  Join, CH3 (do not turn) and continue working the rows as indicated in R2.  Once desired length is reached finish off.

Copyright KatiDCreations, 2018
You can grab one photo and link back to this original post.  Do not republish any portion of this pattern or claim it as your own work.

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