Sewing Crochet Applique to Clothes


A prior understanding of sewing is highly recommended for this project.

Sewing Machine or needle and thread matching applique
Straight Pins
Scrap piece of material (for backing)

Directions:PicMonkey Collage

1. Cut piece of material just larger than hole patching, pin material to the inside of clothing and sew onto place
2. Trim off additional material
3.  Pin the Applique to the outside of the clothing and *sew on

*  Take your time sewing on the Applique, this is not something you are going to want to resew multiple times.
I sewed it on using a short zig-zag stitch at about 15 stitches per inch.
I found that if the ‘foot’ was having issues feeding just simply lifting the ‘foot’ would help.
If you go to fast and/or don’t pay attention the foot will catch on the Applique and stretch it.


These are original directions.  Please do not re post them to your site but provide a link back to the original.  You do not have permission to use my photos.
Published by KatiDCreations, July 2014

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