Stitch Markers to Eliminate the Joining Seam

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Now there is a great many uses for stitch markers!  But this tutorial will focus on the use of stitch markers to eliminate the joining seam.

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Now until recently I would avoid patterns that required stitch markers like the plague!  For whatever reason I had a seriously unfounded fear of using them.  But then I realized (after a huge failure and very noticeable seam down a 4 hour project) that sometimes its best to follow the directions, suck it up and use a stitch marker.

Stitch Markers to Eliminate the Joining Seam - But the purpose of this tutorial will to show you how very simple it is to use stitch markers! Really, if this is your first encounter with stitch markers you will love how easy it is!  Now if your one of those brave souls who thinks ‘stitch markers?! I don’t need no stinking stitch markers!’ well, your much braver than I am; because, if you loose count it will not be fun as you try to figure out what row you are currently working (trust me on this!!!).

So all you need in addition to you hook and yarn to complete this is your stitch marker, or bobby pin, or twist tie, or as I use – a random piece of yarn about 5 inches long.  All of these work, but I find that my actual stitch markers walk off (or my kids find them), but I always have a little scrap yarn around the house.

When working with stitch markers all that is needed to be done, is place the stitch marker in the indicated stitch.  I do not recommend placing the marker around the post of the stitch as it could cause a bit of confusion.  I also recommend that as soon as you work the next stitch to receive a stitch marker that you promptly place the stitch marker in said stitch, then you can remove the previous marker, (Ex. The purple stitch marker has been placed, so now I can remove the green stitch marker).  Don’t work a few more stitches prior to placing the marker, especially if your new to using stitch markers as you could easily mistake the stitch to place the marker in.

Stitch Markers to Eliminate the Joining Seam - KatiDCreations.comUnless otherwise directed in the pattern, you can remove the stitch markers as you work your way through the rows.  And that is all that is needed.

Here are a few free patterns for you to test out your new found skill!  Have fun!
Military Hat - KatiDCreations
Newborn Cowboy Hat -

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