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Something I have recently discovered about Chevron crochet patterns is that it amazing how many different styles of chevron are out there!  Its not like any other stitch that I have ever worked with (to date), so I thought I would gather up a few different Chevron patterns and share them with you!  Hope you find one you can’t live with out!

Chevron Wash Cloth
by KatiDCreations
Chevron Washcloth - KatiDCreations

Sweet ‘n’ Sassy
by From Grammys Heart
Sweet 'n' Sassy - From Grammys Heart
Splendiferous Senses
by From Grammys Heart
Splediferous Senses - from Grammys Heart
Ladies Lacy Chevron Scarf
by Handmade Hats by Cheryl
Ladies Lacy Chevron Scarf - HomeMadeHatsbyCheryl
Chevron Cowl
by Totally Stitching
Chevron Cowl
Charlotte Beanie/Stargazer Slouch
by AG Handmades
Charlotte Beanie/Stargazer Slouch - AG Handmade
Charlotte Infinity Scarf
by AG Handmades
Charlotte Infinity Scarf - AG Handmades
Hearthside Cowl

by Fiber Flux
Hearthside Cowl - Fiber Flux
V-Stitch Ripple Afghan

by Petals to Picots
V-Stitch Ripple Afghan - Petals to Picots
Rippling Waves Bottle Bag

by Trifles & Treasures
Rippling Waves Bottle Bag - Trifles & Treasures
Bacon and Eggs Pillow

by Moogly Blog
Bacon and Eggs Pillow - Moogly Blog
Triple Chevron Throw

by Posh Pooch Designs
Triple Ripple Chevron Thow - Posh Poosh Designs
Pop of Pink Vertical Chevron Bag
by Cre8tions Crochet
Pop of Pint Verticle Chevron Bag - Cre8tions Crochet

Winter Waves Chevron
by Cre8tions CrochetWinter Waves Chevron - Cre8tions Crochet

Graphic Chevron Clutch
by Fiber Flux
Graphic Chevron Clutch - Fiber Flux

Chevron Lace Shrug
by Glamor4You
Chevron Lace Shrug - Glamor4You

Chevron Market Bag
by Cre8tions Crochet
Chevron Market Bag - Cre8tions Crochet

Chevron Chic Baby Dress
by Cre8tions Crochet
Chevron Chic Baby Dress - Cre8tions Crochet

Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf
by Moogly Blog
Chevron Lacce Infinity Scarf - Moogly Blog

Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts
by Moogly Blog
Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts - Moogly Blog

Chevron Lace Wrap
by Moogly Blog
Chevron Lace Wrap - Moogly Blog

Chevron Cuff
by Moogly Blog
Chevron Cuff - Moogly Blog

Simple Waves Boot Cuffs
by Right Brain Crochet
Simple Waves Boot Cuff

Simple Waves Headband
by Right Brain Crochet
Simple Waves

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Baby May Afghan

I recently found out one of my cousins was expecting! …..and I was asked to make an afghan.  And then anxiety set in, all those memories of being in High School sitting in Study Hall feverishly working on an afghan trying to get it finished in time for the National Competition at Oral Roberts University came flooding back over me.  But then I remembered, I’m a professional.  I don’t have to meet size requirements.  I can do any pattern I want!!!

Baby May Blanket - KatiDCreations.comThis really a very simple pattern!  and it is one of those great patterns that if your comfortable making the stitches without looking at what you are doing you can do most of this pattern completely do by feeling where the spaces are.

Baby May Afghan

Red Heart -the amount needed depends on size being made

With main color, CH in multiples of 4 + 2

1. DC in 3rd CH from hook, DC in next 2 stitches, *CH1, skip next CH, work 1DC in each of the next 3 stitches*, repeat from *to* across

2. CH4 (counts as your 1st SC, and CH3), skip next 3DC stitches and SC in CH1 space, *CH3, SC in next CH1 space*, repeat from *to* across. Work last SC in to the top of CH3

3. CH3, turn, 3DC in CH3 Space, *CH1, 3DC in CH3 space*, repeat from *to* across, work a DC in first CH

Repeat row 2 and 3 until you reach the desired length.

When desired length is reached grab yellow and follow directions for Edging. (I carried the Green yarn up the back of the afghan and only finished off the color at the very end to help eliminate the number of ends, if you prefer to finish off between rows that is fine also)

Edging: Do Not Turn

Baby May Blanket -

UPDATE: I was not paying attention and did not do the increases at the corners as stated in the directions. If I had continued with edging rows it would have began curling at the corner.

With Yellow

Join with Slip Stitch in top of last DC, CH1 and SC in same stitch, CH3, SC in CH3 space of row 2, ^*CH3, SC in CH3 space of row 2*, repeat from *to* to corner, SC into corner DC of that row, *SC in CH1 space of row 1, CH3*, repeat from *to* across^, SC in corner DC of row, repeat from ^to^ once more, Finish off and Join with an Invisible Join in first SC

*Note: Any additional rows of yellow will be joined in any CH1 space with a CH1, SC in same as joining, *CH3, SC in CH1 space*, repeat from *to* around. Finish Off

With Green
With Green yarn behind project, YO, insert hook into the first CH3 space worked in yellow, YO and CH2, work 3DC, CH1, 3DC in the CH3 space, ^*CH1, 3DC in next CH3 space*, repeat from *to* to last CH3 space on side, work (3DC, CH1, 3DC) in last CH3, CH1, work (3DC, CH1 3DC) in first CH3 on next side^, repeat from ^to^ 3 more times. On the last repeat you will not do the last set of 3DC, CH1, 3DC. Join with SLST in top first DC.

*Note: The first and last set of DC worked on each row will be worked (3DC, CH3, 3DC).  This will help increase the boarder and keep the edging from curling.

Baby May Blanket - KatiDCreations.comRepeat the edging rows as you like.

Copyright KatiDCreations, 2015.  Feel free to sell, gift or donate any items made from this pattern.  You may grab a photo and link back to this pattern.  Please do not republish any part of this pattern or photos and claim as your own.

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