Tulip Motif Top

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This beautiful Tulip Motif top is so beautiful!  The Plymouth Cleo cotton yarn used is so light weight that it makes this a perfect summer top!

The pattern for this shirt is only offered in a diagram form.  I found writing the pattern for joining the squares together to be rather difficult, so I had diagrams made.  However, if you would like the pattern for just the Tulip Square you can find that HERE.

Plymouth Cleo - KatiDCreations

This is a single sized diagram, but im sure you could make it a little larger or smaller by simply reducing your hook size.

Plymouth Yarn Cleo – 700 yards

Fits a traditional Medium
Length of top from shoulder to bottom of shirt is about 24 inches

8inches square

Stitch Guide:
Tulip Granny Square Symbol Key
















Special Notes: I waited until the entire top was completed before joining.

Here are the measurements for the completed Tulip Motif Top.  If you want to make the top longer (possibly a dress, you will simply continue making squares and adding them in the Picots)

Tulip Granny Square Schematic

You join your squares together while working the Picot.

Tulip Granny Square Charts

Don’t get over whelmed.  Just take your time, use the Symbol Key (located on the left) and I’m sure you will see that it is quite simple to join.

Tulip Granny Square Layout Diagram

Copyright KatiDCreations 2015. This is an original design, please do not repost any portion of this pattern.  If you would like to link back to this top you may grab one photo.  Please feel free to sell, gift or donate any items made from this pattern.

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Beaded Crochet

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A great collection of Beaded Crochet projects.
Really beads can be added to almost any crochet project that you want… for that little extra ‘bling’.  Here are a few projects that are specifically designed for the use of Beads!
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Crochet For You
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Circle Belt

After making my Circle Foot Jewelry, I had lots of those circles left so I decided I needed to try making a belt!  I loved this idea from the beginning and honestly went out to grab another bag of those circles just to make sure I had plenty!

This is a really fun pattern and can be worked up really quickly!  and can easily be adjusted to fit larger sizes by simply adding more rings.  Feel free to get creative with the different sized rings!!
Circle Belt - KatiDCreations
SLST – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet

Circles – 1 1/2 inch and 1 1/8 inch – found at craft stores
9 steel hook
Aunt Lydia’s Thread size 10
Beads – optional but highly suggested
Sewing NeedleCircle Belt - KatiDCreations
Circle Belt

While working with above listed thread and hook size, I followed the tutorial from Cre8tions Crochet for crocheting the rings and for joining.  Tutorial can be found HERE

*Note* I crocheted my two pink circles together – crochet the first circle all the way around, join with a SLST in first SC, place second ring againts the back of the first ring and then joined with a SLST into the next ring, CH1 and SC around that ring. Finish off and Join in the first SC in of second ring.

Tie – String Beads onto thread and work them into the CH as you desire.  CH until desired length is reached, SC into a SC on the last ring, SC into next 2 stitches, and CH until desired length is reached and Finish Off.  If you like you can string beads on contrasting color, join in the second SC and CH until desired length is reached. Finish Off
Circle Belt - KatiDCreations

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Wash Cloth – Spike Cluster Stitch

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Week 2: Cluster Drop Stitch

Well, with this beautiful project I have managed to accomplish not 1 but 2 different firsts for myself in the world of crocheting….  1. Crocheting with Cotton, and 2. Crocheting a Wash Cloth.

With this project I have also found my new love. Cotton.  I love it!  So can’t wait to do my next washcloth or to find some other amazing project to use this wonderful fiber with!
Wash Cloth - Cluster Drop Stitch
Now, I know what your thinking.  Why in the world would you make something so pretty just to use it to wash your dishes?!  The answer is quite simple ….. I Don’t Know.  Hahaha! (I crack myself up)!  All I know is that I cant wait to use them!

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Sugar and Cream Cotton Yarn – I chose to use 2 different colors
Embroidery Needle

Is not important for this pattern

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
SLST – Slip Stitch

Special Stitches – Spike Cluster Stitch  Tutorial by Moogly Blog

Special Notes: I chose to carry the yarn up the side of the project (pictured below), Tutorial by Yarn Obsession.  If you chose to finish off for every color change you will have lots of ends to work in.  When working the edging I made sure to crochet those carries into the edging. Wash Cloth - Cluster Drop Stitch

Spike Cluster Stitch Wash Cloth

With Main Color CH 31

1. SC in 2nd CH from hook, SC in each stitch across (30SC)
2. CH1, turn, SC in each stitch across.

Row 3-4 – Repeat row 2. Change to Secondary Color on last SC

5. CH1, SC in next 4, Spike Cluster Stitch, SC in next 6, Spike Cluster Stitch, SC in last 4 stitches
6. CH1, Turn SC in each stitch across

Change to Main Color in last SC

Repeat row *2 an additional 4 times, then repeat row 5 and 6*

Continue to repeat from *to* until desired length is reached, change to Main Color in last stitch and repeat row 2 an additional 2 times. Change to Secondary Color in last stitch, and Finish off Main Color.
Wash Cloth - Cluster Drop StitchEdging:
CH1, Turn work *2SC in the first stitch, 1SC in each SC across, 2SC in last SC stitch. Working in the end of the rows, 2SC in the first end, 1SC across the end of the row, and 2SC in the end of the last row*, repeat from *to* once more.  Finish off,  join with Invisible Join by Look At What I Made

If you missed Washcloth Week 1, its not too late!Wash Cloth

Copyright KatiDCreation 2015, This is an original design.  Please do not repost any part of this pattern or photos in part or in whole.  You may grab one photo and link back to the original post.  Please fee free to sell, gift or donate any products made from this pattern.

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Bobble Stitch Cowl

I recently have fallen in Love with Cowls, especially for my young daughter.  I think it has to do with no longer worrying if it will come unwrapped or even worse, wrapped to tightly.  You simply slip it over the head and its there.  Plus they work up so much faster than the long scarfs that you would want to wrap around the neck at least twice to get good coverage; and then you had to tuck it into your coat which is very bulky, never very comfortable, and made zipping up your coat nearly impossible.
Bobble Stitch Cowl by KatiDCreations
Don’t get me wrong I love the long scarves that can be wrapped around your neck and head and look so elegant and warm, but I find that I am constantly messing with it and end up taking it off my head and wearing it just around my neck.  I digress.

So I guess we have about discussed why it is I like Cowls.

I recently released the Puff Stitch Cowl patternBobble Stitch Cowl by KatiDCreations
So I decided I should do a Bobble Stitch Cowl.  This was my first time doing a Bobble Stitch and was really surprised at how much of a ‘Bobble’ there really was!  It is a great texture piece and is really fun!
Bobble Stitch Cowl by KatiDCreations
Worsted yarn of choice – I used Loops and Thread Impeccable Yarn
Hook size J
Embroidery Needle – for weaving in ends

Stitch Guide:
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
SLST – Slip Stitch

Entire pattern is worked using 2 strands of yarn!

If you are not familiar with how to work a Bobble Stitch, Moogly Blog has a great Tutorial!  For my Cowl pattern I followed her direction for the stitch, with 2 exceptions
1. I only worked 4 Double Crochet together, and
2. I followed the Puff Stitch Or the Moogly way for how to close off the stitch, simply because of how many loops were on the hook.  It is not necessary for you to do the same.
Bobble Stitch Cowl by KatiDCreations
Also I do not join the Chain, but wait and join the first row of SC.  For some reason I always manage to twist my Chain and find that connecting it in at the end works just as well without the frustration.

Joining Circle - Not in the Base ChainIf you have issues joining the Chain and it twisting you can check out THIS tutorial for an alternative way

This cowl can be worked for any size that you want, you simply need to do a Chain in multiples of 6 + 3 until you get the desired length; then continue with row 1.

I worked the SC in the back loop (hump) so that the finished look is the same as for the last row.

  1. SC in second CH from hook, and across
  2. CH1, Turn (wrong side facing), SC in first stitch, *SC in next stitch, Bobble Stitch, SC, CH3, Skip the next 3 stitches*, repeat from *to* across, SC in last stitch. Join with SLST in first SC
  3. CH1, Turn (Bobbles will be facing you), SC in SC, *work 3 SC in CH3 space, SC in SC, SC in top of Bobble Stitch, SC in next SC*, repeat from *to* across, SC in last stitch. Join with SLST in first SC
  4. CH1, Turn, SC in first SC, *CH3, Skip next 3 stitches, SC in next stitch, Bobble Stitch, SC in next stitch*, repeat from *to* across, SC in last stitch. Join with SLST in first SC
  5. CH1, Turn, SC in next SC, *SC in next, SC in top of Bobble Stitch, SC in next SC, work 3SC in CH3 space*, work from *to* across, SC in last stitch. Join with SLST in first SC
  6. Repeat rows 2-5 unit you get your desired height (of course you can end with row 3 if you prefer)

If you like you can work a SLST around the top and bottom of the cowl.

Finish off, tie in ends. Make sure to tie in ends of beginning chain after attaching it to the First SC made on base SC row.

This pattern is Copyright KatiDCreations, 2014.  You may use the first photo and link back to the original post. Do not claim this pattern as your own.  Do not sell this pattern.  You may sell, gift or donate any items made from this pattern.  If you sell on line please provide a link back to the original post.

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Queen Anne’s Lace Headband – Pattern Review

I had just started preparing for my first craft fair when I came across this beautiful pattern by Cre8tions Crochet  Lace HeadbandI really like this pattern as it is very repetitive which makes for an easy project.  It works up beautifully and only took me about 45 minutes to complete one.  I decided that I would add the beads, because, after all who does not like a little sparkle.  Lace Headband
They made great Christmas presents for my little cousins also!

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Hooks For Hope – ALS

Broomstick Lace Fingerless Gloves by KatiDCreations
I recently have been bless to be apart of an amazing opportunity to help further the research of ALS also know as Lou Gehrig’s DieaseA group of 15 amazing designers have come together giving YOU this amazing opportunity to purchase 22 amazing patterns at a greatly reduced price and the chance to join us in the cause!
The Hooks For Hope – ALS E-book can be purchased on Raverly at a discounted price of 20$ through October 5th.  All precedes from the sale of the Hooks for Hop E-book will be donated to the ALS Foundation


Or, you can donate directly to the ALS Association: http://bit.ly/1nFZMgNALS
If you are wondering where you can purchase those beautiful glove?!  They are included in the Hooks For Hope E-book!


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Affiliate Ads

My Mr. and I will be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary in just a few short weeks.  If I had seen this beautiful selection of crochet wedding items all those years ago I would have loved to have incorporated them into my special day!

Cre8ations Crochet
Bridal Garter
Large Roses
Bridal Flowers and Boutonnieres
Crochet Kim
Bride’s Handkerchief
Katie’s Crochet Goodies
Maternity Sash – but could easily be used as a bridesmaid sash
Simply Collectable Crochet
Gladiator Barefoot Sandals
Crochet Memories
Wedding Accessories
Ring Bearer Pillow
Debi Dearest
Crochet Flower Basket

Look At What I Made
Muslin: Crochet Edge and Flower
Snappy Tots
Barefoot Sandles
Be A Crafter
Crochet Heart Ring Box

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have found some inspiration to help you with your special day!

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Beautiful Boot Cuffs

Affiliate Ads

Add a flair of color to your outfit with these beautifully designed Boot Cuffs.  There are also a few leg warmers for our precious girls, and one surprise at the end that I fell in love with!!!

The Stitchin’ Mommy
Cables and Bobbles Boot Cuffs

Fiber Flux
Ripple Stitch Boot Cuff
ELK Studio
Basketweave Boot Cuff
Oombawka Designs
Puddle Jumper Boot Cuff
Rainy Day Boot Cuffs
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Boot Cuffs
Toddler Sassy Fabric Boot Cuffs
Strings With Style
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Crochet N’ Crafts
Picot Baby Leg Warmers
The Crochet Lounge
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Mariposas Wrist Cuffs

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