The Forgiving Lover’s Knot

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I have heard that people don’t want to try Solomon’s/Lover’s Knot because of the simple reason that they are scared that they wont be able to keep their stitches even.  Well I’m here to tell you that you can do it!  Do you remember when you first started crocheting?  How much work you would have to put into those stitches to get them to look right?  (I sure do) Think of how much your stitching has improved since those first stitches.  They improved because you didn’t let that first try be your last!  It is the same story with all new stitches we try.  The first few times they may not look quite right, but we keep trying and in a short while the stitches are much improved!

The key to keeping your stitches even is simple:
take your time; keeping the tension the same as you work each stitch around your thumb.

Yes this beautiful stitch is really that simple.  And after a bit of practice you will be breezing through this stitch in no time

So now that you know all the tips for this stitch its time for you to try it out yourself! Solomon’s/Lover’s Knot Tutorial available HERE

Now that you have that stitch down, here are several beautiful patterns for you to practice with!  Some are more simple while others have a bit more detail and construction.

This versatile wrap is perfect accessory for those chilly days. by StitchesnScraps

This stunning blanket combines two beautiful stitches Broomstick Lace with the Solomons Knot edging. by Naztaria

This beautiful top is a quick project!  and easily can be completed in a day. by KatiDCreations
Lover's Knot Swim Cover -

This precious blanket! by Crafting Friends Designs

These darling finger-less wristlets are a perfect touch for that outdoor wedding! by Articles of a Domestic Goddess

If you are loving this stitch then here is the perfect e-book for you!  14 different designs featuring Solomons Knot

Here is a darling Poncho by The Country Willow

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Lovers Knot Swim Cover

This site contains affiliate ads which means I may be compensated for items purchased……which means more FREE patterns for you!

Lovers/Somomons Knot is such a wonderful stitch and makes a beautiful summer top!  These basic directions will help you achieve whatever size top you are wanting! From a small child to a robust lady.  This would also make a super cute top for photographing an expecting mother!

Lover's Knot Swim Cover -
Bernat Maker – Home Dec
N/9.00mm hook
Embroidery Needle
Stitch Markers (optional)

The Blue used just over 8.8 oz (1 skein)
The Pink used about 1/2 of a skein

No gauge is needed for this pattern

Stitch Guide:
SC – Single Crochet
CH – Chain

Special Stitches:
Lover/Solomon’s Knot – Tutorial by KatiDCreations

This is not an exact word for word pattern, rather it is all the necessary directions needed to complete this beautiful shirt!

Lover's Knot Swim Cover -

1. There are several different ways to work Lovers/Solomon’s Knot, the tutorial provided is simply the way I work mine.
2. The top is worked across from one arm to the center (where the opening for the head will be worked) to the other arm
3. The stitch markers will help in making sure you are working your side joining in the correct stitches.
4. Keep in mind that this stitch does have a bit of stretch length wise and depending on what yarn you chose to use can also increase the stretch, so you may want to make it an inch or 2 shorter then the desired finished length.
5. Make sure that you make the top wide enough to fit over your shoulders/hips.
6. The tightness in which you work your side joining is the determining factor on what size the finished item will be.

Lover's Knot Swim Cover -

Lovers Knot Cover

Working in multiples of 2 + 3 work the Solomon’s/Lover’s Knot until you get the desired length, then continue following the stitch pattern until it is the width you want to the center.

Once you get the top wide enough and you are ready to work the opening for your head you can follow this tutorial by KatiDCreations

Continue on with the stitch pattern until you have gotten the second half of your top the same width as the side prior to the opening for the head. Finish Off.  To secure my ends I followed this tutorial by Moogly Blog

To close the sides and create your arm holes you will be working this stitch placement. You will start at the bottom of  work and join at #1, then continue working your way up each numbered stitch until you have closed the side enough and gotten the desired arm hole size. Finish off and secure both the ends. OR! Solomons Knot Swim Cover -
If you want to make your top a little more fitted, then you will want to follow these next few photos.  In the previous photo you see where you would work the outer most row together, in this photo you can see I am still working in the same row; however I am working in the 3rd knot in on both sides.Solomons Knot Swim Cover -
Here is the piece laying flat, you can see with the color contrast how the seam is worked in the top, creating a much more fitted shape.  I was not sure how closed up I wanted my arm hole to be so I worked one seam to create a smaller arm hole and then tried it on.  I prefer the tighter arm hole.  So now that I know what size arm hole I want I will carefully take the contrasting color out, placing stitch markers in the stitches used in the joining.  By doing this I can now crochet in the main body color and I wont have to figure where to work the stitches all over again.

You can also see that the joining seam moves in as you get closer to the top.  I simply moved from the 3rd knot and worked the final few stitches in the 4th knot helping to make the top more fitted around the bust.  Solomons Knot Swim Cover -

Copyright KatiDCreations, 2016 Do not repost any portion of this pattern.  You can grab one photo and link back to this original post.  Feel free to sell, gift or donate any items made from this pattern.

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