Evalyns Headband

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Evalyns headband is a quick project that is so cute!  Sure to look absolutely adorable on all of our little princesses  regardless of their age.  If you cant decide which color to make it in, don’t worry!  It works up so quickly you can make it in several color combinations in very little time!Evalyns Flower - KatiDCreations.comThis headband is worked using cotton so its nice and light and no need to worry about it being hot!

Aunt Lydias Thread
1.65mm hook
3.5mm hook

Stitch Guide:
SLST – Slip Stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet

Special Stitches:
Picot – Tutorial can be found on Moogly Blog HERE

Evalyns Headband

Headband: with 1.65mm

CH 9 + 2

Row 1: DC in 3rd CH from hook and in next 3 stitches, CH2, skip the next 2 stitches, and DC in remaining 3 stitches

Row 2: CH2, turn, DC in the first 3 stitches, CH2, skip the CH2 space, DC in the last 4 stitches

Row 3: CH2, turn DC in the first 4 stitches, CH2, skip the CH2 space, DC in the last 3 stitches

Repeat row 2 and 3 until desired length is *reached. Do not finish off

* I like my length to fit around the head slightly loose because when you add in the contrasting stripe the headband will tighten up a bit.

Edging: Side facing while working edging will be your right side

CH1, (SC, Picot, SC) in side of a DC, repeat from *to* across edge of beginning CH.

Placing right side together, working in both the Base Chain and the last rows of DC, SLST together to sew the circle togetherEvalyns Headband - KatiDCreationsTurn right side out, CH1, (SC, Picot, SC) in side of DC around. Finish off

Evalyns Headband - KatiDCreationsContrasting strip:
Work using 2 strands of thread together!

With hook on the right side of project and yarn (with beginning loop already formed) on the wrong side, place hook through any CH2 space (from front to back) and place beginning loop on hook and pull hook with loop on it to the right side.  You will still hold the yarn on the wrong side of the project.

Evalyns Headband - KatiDCreations

Click on photo to read wording

With loop on hook, *insert hook into next CH2 space and pull up a loop and CH1 around the CH2, put hook back through same CH2 space just worked in, pull up loop and CH1*, repeat from *to* around.  On last repeat, CH around the CH2 and Finish off, Join with an Invisible Join in the first CH worked of Contrasting strip.

Evalyns Headband - KatiDCreationsThe project to this point is absolutely beautiful!  BUT if you would like to add the flower for a little more detail you can find it HERE!Evalyns Flower - KatiDCreations.com

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Mystery CAL Blog Hop Scarf

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Mystery CAL Blog Hop ScarfI love how it is turning out and really cant wait until it is completed!  I chose the colors with my mother in mind and will be giving it to her for Mothers Day!  I am planning on making it just long enough to fit around her neck and use a few buttons to close it together making a light summer scarf.

It now my turn to share with you the next set of 5 rows for section #9 of this CAL Scarf Blog Hop, I have tried to keep the pattern simple and yet still allow for some beautiful design!

So on with the pattern!  If you are just discovering this fun project you can catch up on all the previous parts of the pattern HERE

Mystery CAL Scarf - KatiDCreations

For my materials I chose to use a size 2 steel hook and size10 Aunt Lydias Thread.

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
TR – Treble Crochet

Special Stitches:
MTR – Modified Treble Crochet – YO twice, insert hook into specified stitch, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops, YO pull through remaining 3 loops

Row 41: Ch1, Turn, SC in next 2 stitches, * SC, HDC, DC, MTR, TR, MTR, DC, HDC, SC*, Repeat from *to* across, SC in last 2 stitches

Change Color

Row 42: CH3, Turn, TR in next 3 stitches, MTR, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, MTR, *TR in next 2 stitches, MTR, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, MTR,* repeat from *to* across, TR in last 3 stitches

Row 43: Ch1, Turn, SC in next 2 stitches, * SC, HDC, DC, MTR, TR, MTR, DC, HDC, SC*, Repeat from *to* across, SC in last 2 stitches

Change Color

Row 44: Repeat row 42

Row 45: CH1, Turn, SC acrossMystery CAL Scarf - KatiDCreations

Your next stop will be Crochet for You on the 4/21 so make sure you check back here for the updated link!

You have almost made it to the end of this CAL!  Hope you have enjoyed it so far, don’t forget to share you photos with us at Ravery

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