The Ends

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*WARNING* – If the idea of ends coming undone upsets you, I caution you to get a tissue before proceeding.

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With the amount of time it takes us to crochet our beautiful projects, we really need to make sure that we take the necessary time to properly secure our ends.  Otherwise we will end up with something very similar to the next few photos.

This afghan is by far one of my favorites!  It is a cro-hook pattern.  I love the colors, its nice and heavy and it worked so quickly!  The only problem is that there was a ridiculous amount of ends that needed to be finished.  And being the inexperienced crocheter that I was when I made this afghan, I simply wove the ends in a few stitches and cut them off.  I’m quite sure that I knew better then this when I made this beauty, but I just wanted to be finished.  So I rushed one of the most important parts of the entire project.

Sewing in Ends -
There are seriously dozens of spots like this in the afghan

Sewing in Ends -

One of these days I will get the time to repair this beautiful afghan, but until that time comes, I am forced to keep it carefully folded, tucked away in the bottom of my trunk.

So that being said hopefully you can learn something from my mistake and take a few extra seconds and really secure those ends.  If your not quiet sure what methods are recommended you can check out these different tutorials on taking care of the ends.

Moogly Blog

  • Learn how to properly sew in your ends with Moogly

Posh Pooch Designs

  • Not sure what type of needle to use when sewing in the ends?  Check out what the designer at Posh Pooch uses!

HodgePodge Crochet

  • Want to completely avoid sewing in your ends all together? Then I suggest checking out this great video at HodgePodge

Hopefully Honey

  • Hopefully Honey has a great way of joining two colors together, but you could also use it to help secure the ends

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Now that you have mastered how to secure your ends, here are a few projects you can try it out on!

Mosaic Ripples -

Bloom of Spring - KatiDCreations

Granny Square Star Stitch Slouchy

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