Turtle Cupcakes!

I love Turtle candy!!!  So when I came across this Turtle Cupcake recipe by Annie’s Eats on Pintrest I knew I would have to give them a try.

Turtle Cupcakes!

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Im not even sure I need to say anything about these!  The photos I think speak for themselves!  They tasted amazing!

The chocolate cupcake was so moist and not overly sweet, the caramel frosting you could eat by itself, and the toasted nuts gave it a nice earthy taste that made you wish you could skip dinner and have another.   I followed the recipe as listed with 2 minor exceptions….1. I toasted the Pecans because I am of the opinion that toasted nuts always taste better and 2. I did not add the chocolate drizzle as I thought they would be sweet enough without.
Turtle Cupcakes
I did have one issue with the caramel sauce seizing when I added it to the cold cream cheese so I took the portion I had not added yet, put it back on a low heat and added a bit more cream to help keep it from seizing…worked like a dream.

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