Wide Brim Cowboy Hat Crochet Pattern – FREE Pattern!!!

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This hat works up really quickly, no joining seam in the main part of the hat and can easily be completed in a evening.  Be sure to use the stitch marker to help you keep track of the beginning of each new round

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Stitch Gauge
11SC x 11 rows = 4 inches

Bernat Super Value Yarn, medium/4
6.00mm/ J hook

Stitch Marker

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet
HDC2tog – Half Double Crochet 2 together Tutorial by Moogly Blog

DC – Double Crochet
FPSC – Front Post Single Crochet Tutorial by Moogly Blog
sl st – Slip Stitch
st – Stitch

Newborn – 14 inch circumference

1. You work 2 strands together at the same time. You can either use 2 separate skeins of yarn, or use 1 skein pulling from the inside and unwinding from the outside.  You will work 2 strands together also if you chose add an accent color around the hat as seen in the photo below.
2. Do not Join unless instructed to do so.
3. This pattern uses a stitch marker instead of Joining and CH1
4. REMEMBER, the comma ( , ) separates out where the stitches are worked. 

This pattern is Copyrighted

Cowboy Hat

Magic Circle

1. CH1, 8SC. (8SC)

2. Work 2SC in first st (place marker in first st), work 2SC in each st around. (16 sts)

3. Work 2HDC in first st (place marker in first HDC), 1HDC in next st, *2HDC, HDC; repeat from * 7 more times. (24 sts)

4. Work 2HDC in first st (place marker in first HDC), 1HDC in next 3 sts, *2HDC, HDC; repeat from * 4 more times, HDC in next 2 sts, *2HDC, HDC; repeat from * 3 more times. (34 sts)

5. HDC in marked st (place marker in st), 2HDC, HDC, HDC2tog (this will be the back dip of the hat), HDC, 2HDC, HDC, DC, 2DC in next 2 sts, DC in next 3 sts, 2DC in next 2 st, DC, HDC, 2HDC, HDC, HDC2tog (this will be the front dip of the hat), HDC, 2HDC, HDC, DC, 2DC in next 2 sts, DC in next 3 sts, 2DC in next 2 sts, DC in next (44 sts)

6. HDC in marked (place marker in first st), HDC, HDC2tog, HDC in next 2 sts, HDC2tog, HDC in next 16 sts, HDC2tog, HDC in next 2 sts, HDC2tog, HDC in next 14 st. (40 sts)

7. HDC in marked st (place marker in st), HDC in next 12 sts, HDC2tog, HDC in next 18, HDC2tog, HDC in remaining 5 sts (38 sts)

8. HDC in marked st (place marker in st), HDC in each st around.

9. Repeat Round 8

10. Repeat Round 8

11. Repeat Round 8, SC in the last 2 sts of the round.

Wide brim

1. Sl st in marked st, 2FPSC around next post st, 1FPSC around next, *2FPSC, FPSC; repeat from * around. Join with sl st in first st. (57 sts)

2. CH1, DC in same as joining and around. Join with sl st in first st.

3. CH1, HDC in same as joining and next 5 sts, 2HDC, *HDC in next 2 sts, 2HDC in next; repeat from * twice more, HDC in next 18 sts, 2HDC, *HDC in next 2 sts, 2HDC; repeat from * twice more, HDC in next 13 sts. Join with sl st in first st. (65 sts)

4. CH1, DC in same as joining and next 5 sts, HDC in next 5 sts, SC on next 2 sts, HDC in next 5 sts, DC in next 20 sts, HDC in next 5 sts, SC in next 2 sts, HDC in next 5 sts, DC in next 15 sts. Join with st st in first st. (65 sts)

Finish off and tie in ends

Accent Color
Working in Round 1 of the Wide Brim, join in any st and sl st in each st around.
Finish off and tie in ends.

Copyright KatiDCreations, May 2014. This pattern is original work and intended for use of anyone with the love to crochet.  Please do not copy pattern to your blog, you may use one photo and link back to this original post.  You are more than welcome to sell the finished product.

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108 thoughts on “Wide Brim Cowboy Hat Crochet Pattern – FREE Pattern!!!

  1. What size hat does this make? I need to make a 6-12 month old size. If this one is smaller..could I make bigger using a larger hook?

    Thanks for the pattern

    • This is a newborn sized hat, yes you could go up a hook size or 2 and make it larger.

  2. THANK YOU so much for this pattern. I had searched and searched for a pattern that really turned out to LOOK like a cowboy hat and yours is the bomb!! I have just completed four cowboy/girl outfits and used your hat to complete those outfits. I appreciate you so much for giving us this pattern. I do want to make some in a larger size but I never have been able to figure things out on my own. Please let me know if you do a larger size!! Thank you again!!

  3. Thanks so much for answering. If I decide to make this, I will use your suggestion.

  4. What size is this ? I mean what are the inches to fit to a child’s head? I have a 19 month old great-granddaughter and am wondering if it will fit her head? Haven’t measured her head lately as she lives out of town, but imagine it would be an average size for her head as I have made other hats for the age she was at the time and they fit just fine. Would the hat expand some from it being crocheted? Thanks so much. I really want to crochet this hat and do it in lavender or pink.

    • This is a newborn size, about 15inches. I would not think that it would fit her head as there is not much stretch. You could try using 3 strands of yarn and a larger crochet hook.

  5. Do you have a video of this hat? Newborn size. I don’t know how to read a pattern, I get confused easily. My naighbor is having their first baby. I would love to follow a video, as I love this hat. Thank you and God bless

    • I currently dont have a video for the hat but hope to get one done soon.

  6. I’ve made the newborn hat for a friend and I loved the pattern, of course now I’m being asked to make more, LOL! I was wondering where I can get the next size up? It says sold out on etsy when I click the photo link that you direct us to. Thanks.

    • I didnt realize it was sold out…I just went and renewed the listing so the pattern is now available

  7. Hi.. I was hoping I could find my answer in the comments but I didn’t. 🙁 I’m at the end of row 5, my stitch count is correct (44) and they are correct in the prev. 4 but my last stitch is falling 2 stitches behind the marked stitch from previous row. Should I skip those two stitches and start row 6 in the marked stitch (will probably be a hole there) or start 2 stitches back. I just don’t want it to come out crooked.

    Thank you for this beautiful pattern!!!

    • I would first suggest double checking the row 5 (Im sure you have already done this a few times). If you are still having issues, I would simply work 2 stitches in the remaining stitches and then start row 6 in the marked stitch.

  8. I’m making this for my granddaughter that will arrive in May. Baby shower is next weekend I am stuck on round 5 not sure which marked stitches to use on rounds that say in marked stitches I think my brain is overworking it. Help please and thank you for this adorable pattern.

    • The marked stitch is to help you keep track of where the beginning of the row goes. You dont need to keep the markers there once you have worked that row. Hope this helps.

  9. i need to make this even smaller if i used a smaller hook would that work i cant find a pattern that super small thanks…C..

    • Yes, depending on how much smaller you are wanting to go all you would need to do is simply reduce the hook size.

  10. Im working on this adorable hat right now, my question is do you turn it inside out when finished ?

  11. If I want to make this for a 2 years old can I use your 12-18 months pattern

    • It probably would work. might go up a hook size? so its not so tight.

    • Glad you found it easy to work out! Would love to see a picture! Feel free to post it on my FB page – Katidcreations

  12. Thank you so much for this cute pattern. It’s so easy and work up so fast. Only took an hr to make.

  13. Thank you so much for the pattern…it works great! The shape doesn’t hold for me though. I shape it but the brim curls back up. How can I correct this?

    • Your tension may be a bit looser than mine, for a quick fix you can add a few extra stitches around the brim (like 4-6) and that will loosen it enough to keep it from curling back up

  14. Hi and thanks for sharing this pattern. I have a question with round 5. The first time you mention DHDC you say ‘using 2 stitches’. The second time you don’t say ‘using 2 stitches’. Is the second one different to the first, or is it meant to be taken for granted that every DHDC is using 2 stitches from there on?

  15. Thank you for this pattern! My question is: How do you shape the hat? I figured out what the front of hat is by reading the above comments, but my hat hasn’t just shaped naturally. Did I do something wrong?

    • Sadly no it does not shape naturally as other projects do, if you have found the front of the hat you just have to play with it until you get the shape ‘right’

      • Thank you for responding! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t do something wrong.

  16. I was wondering if you did the slip stitch after every round?
    If so, did you chain 1 after each slip stitch?

    • The only time you will do a slip stitch is at the Brim portion of the hat. Otherwise you would get a nice seam down the side of the hat.

  17. Hi – I made this for a newborn, but now I want to make it for a 1 year old. Do you have a pattern for larger hats? I clicked on the picture above, but it just took me to a bigger picture.

    Would I just increase the # of increase rounds?


  18. I’m at round 3 on the brim. The prior rounds count is 57 and the 2HDC’s in round 3 would add 10 more stitches to equal 67 (total stitches in the round). All 2HDC’s are completed prior to the last 7 HDC’s called for at the end of round 3. So I’m at the end of available stitches and then the pattern calls for an additional 7 HDC’s.

    I’m very confused! Please help!

    • You may have done the section where you repeat from *to* too many times.

    • There is a link for the 2-6 month hat where you can purchase it from my Etsy shop

  19. I think I figured it out…I re-read the whole thing again, and remembered it was worked in a continuous circle. Thanks again!

      • Just finished this GORGEOUS hat, I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks so much for the free pattern, I had searched for quite some time for a free cowboy hat pattern. Your pattern worked out perfectly for me , u are SO TALENTED, thanks again:))))

  20. Thank you Kati. I currently am working on it and already have a question.
    How important is it that at the end of #3, I have 21 stitches (instead of 22).
    And at the end of #4, I have 32 stitches (instead of 34) and I have gone past the marked first stitch by 4 stitches?
    What could I be doing wrong? I am afraid to go further as the stitches count may get further from yours. I am ready to ripe it out and start again. Help please! Harriet

    • I have just finished reworking the first 7 rows of the pattern and have not found any errors with the stitch count.

  21. Sorry, I meant ‘as indicated in row 3. How do you do 2 Half Double Crochet in one stitch? Thx.

  22. I know how to do a HDC, but how do you 2 HDC in first stitch as indicated in row 2 Can you please explain since I am not able to find that stitch on-line anywhere? Thank you!

    • You simply work your first HDC, and instead of moving on to the next space to work the 2nd HDC, you do it in the same space as the first HDC

  23. I finished this hat and it was a little “off”. I think this is where I’m getting off on the pattern count. Round 6. It says there should be 40 stitches in this round. But when you count them, there would be 41. The only thing I can think I am doing wrong is the first thing is says is HDC in the marked stitch and next. Does that mean HDC them together?

      • Then how are you getting 40 stitches? I am counting 41. If you count them in the instructions, it even adds up to 41.

        • I will have to send this to my testers to work up again. If there is 41 stitches in row 6 then the number of stitches in rows before and after row 6 will be off also.

        • So there should only be 14 HDC not the 15 listed for the last set of stitches

          • Okay, Thank you so much! That must be what had my first hat a little crooked! lol

  24. Hi, I am fairly new to crochet, but I would like to try the 2-6 month pattern of this hat. On the very first #1, if I only have a magic ring consisting of 4, how can I SC 8? Am I supposed to do 2 SC in each of the four stitches? Sorry if this is a total newb question.

  25. Thank you so much. That’s what I was doing but I got confused and didn’t think it was right.

  26. I don’t understand row 5 where it says to DC,hdc,2hdc, rhdc,hdc, 2hdc, 2dc in next 2 stitches. I’m confused. Thanks

    • Double crochet, Half double crochet, 2Half double crochet, Reducing half double crochet (decrease), Half double crochet, 2Half double crochet, 2Double crochet in each of the next two stitches. Each stitch listed between the , and, you work into a single stitch of previous row.

      • I’m sorry I’m confused now. I tried to follow row 5 exactly, but I don’t think I’m getting it.
        HDC in marked stitch – got that
        2HDC, HDC in next (does that mean 3 HDC in the same stitch or was it 2 HDC in one stitch and a HDC in the next?
        Then when it says DC, HDC, 2HDC, HDC (do you mean 4 HDC?) RHDC, HDC, 2HDC, HDC (again does that just mean 4HDC?), DC, 2DC (does this just mean 3DC?) I just want to be sure I am understanding the pattern before I continue.

        Row 4 had 34 stitches, but if I am counting right row 5 has less, so how do I get to the marked stitch to start Row 6?. What am I missing?

        Sorry for all the questions. Thanks so much!

        • The indicated stitches between comas are to be done in the same stitch. so 2HDC,HDC is 2HDC in one stitch, HDC in next.

          • Thank you – I didn’t realize the comma meant the next stitch. Makes perfect sense now, and worked great. Thanks again.

  27. Went you write, CH1, 2FPSC in marked stitch, 1FPSC in next, *2FPSC in next, 1FPSC in next stitch* repeat from *to* around (57)” 2FPSC MEANS Front Post Single Crochet 2 TOGETHER ?

    • You need to place 2FPSC in that stitch and only 1FPSC in the other

  28. I’m confused, on r 7 finished with 38 stitch, then in the next 4 rows no increases in the row of Wide brim ends with 57 it’is 2fpsc decreasing ?….

    • Fpsc is the first row of the brim, so you have to add more stitches to get the ‘flair’ look. If you do a youtube search for front post single crochet there are several great options.

      Hope this helps!

    • Or you can use 1 skein and work it from both ends. But the yarn can get rather twisted (and annoying)

  29. Which way would you recommend shaping it? I’m having a hard time deciding on the fold at the top… lol

    • I wait til the hat is completed before I try shaping it. If you put the final stitches in the clock position 10/11, the side facing you is the front. Hope this helps

  30. I ripped the accent color out and did it all in one color. The stitches on your pic look like they stand on top kinda like a ss would. I am going to do the accent color via overlay ss and see if that works. :/

    • The main color that I used for the hat I used for the complete brim, then went back and SS the accent color in between the first row of the brim and last row of the hat.

  31. I did the first round of the brim in an accent color and it is not looking like the picture. Should it be bpsc instead of fpsc?

    • It should be fpsc, the right side of the hat is facing you. If you did bpsc then the brim would curl towards the inside of the hat. Hopefully you found this helpful.

  32. I absolutely love your pattern so far, but I am stuck on the final round of the brim. Should there be a count or more instructions? Do you just repeat those 7 stitches? Thanks for your help.

      • Thank you for pointing out the errors, I have double checked and corrected as needed!

    • Row #5 you do just those seven stitches once. With the pattern being written in a continuous circle this was the way I found worked best for ending the hat.

  33. great patterns!! i just finished making them for my little buckaroo grandson due in October! i will try to post pics,
    thank you so much for offering the pattern for free! i love to crochet but as much as i try i cannot make my own patterns 🙂 so i love yours!

  34. Thanks for sharing this. Just finished it for the newborn son of a rodeo cowboy. I hope the family likes it. Great instructions!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this! A cowboy loving friend just had twin boys. I do hope I can make two of these before their heads grow too much! Will definitely be checking for larger sizes come Christmas. 🙂

  36. I just completed this hat yesterday and I must say I LOVE it!
    Your pattern was very clear and easy to follow..the results were fantastic!
    I have searched high and low and have even purchased cowboy hat patterns that have not turned out as well as this!
    I would LOVE to have this in other sizes…have you completed any other sizes yet?
    I would be willing to pay for this pattern with multiple sizes included!
    Thank you so much!

    • I am so glad to hear that! I have ever intention to write larger sizes for this hat pattern but have not gotten to it yet. Hopefully soon.

  37. I hope you realize how very talented you are. Thank you so much for these patterns. I am an avid crocheter. I donate to women’s shelters so these precious children will have some joy in there upturned lives. Thank you Kati for your beautiful creations!

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