Crochet Around the Stitch

When I released my square Mock Bullion Flames for the Moogly 2017 CAL, I never imagined I would receive so many comments regarding issues on the first stitch on R2!  But apparently using the phrase ‘work around the CH2’ really confused quite a few people.

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When designing this square I knew the Bullion Stitch is not a favorite among vary many people who crochet, and after playing around a bit I realized that working around a stitch created a very similar look to the Bullion Stitch, but you know without all the swearing.

Working around the CH2 simply means that you instead of working into a stitch and pulling up loops, you are using the CH2 (or DC) and working around the stitch, pulling up the loops as you would if you were working into a stitch.  The stitch is a cross between a Post Stitch, where you are working around a previous stitch from a previous row and a Puff Stitch, in pulling up multiple loops before you Yarn Over and pull through the loops on your hook.  So here are a few photos that I hope will help you work the Mock Bullion Stitch with a bit more ease.

Mock Bullion – CH2, (YO, working around the DC, pull up a loop) repeat 3 more times.

To finish off the stitch you will Yarn Over and pull through the first 8 loops on your hook, Yarn Over and pull through the remaining 2 loops. You have now completed the Mock Bullion Stitch

I do apologize for the confusion that was created when I did not provide further direction for how this Mock Bullion Stitch was worked.  Hopefully these photos have answered any remaining questions there are.

Here are a few more designs you may like:


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